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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Morning/Early Afternoon Report:

Obviously since I was up all night reporting, there's not going to be an Overnight Report today.

The HG's got woken up early, especially considering that they didn't go to bed until around 4am BBT.

Keesha & Michelle talked in the bathroom this morning while they were putting on their makeup & doing their hair.

They are both on the same page as far as voting out April this week, but Michelle talked about getting Jerry out next week because he's too strong of a player.

A little bit later on, it was Renny/Keesha/Dan/Michelle up in the HOH room talking about getting Jerry out next week.

Renny needed a little explaining about how the POV actually works (why, I don't know. She should know how to use it by now).

As they were all talking, BB told them to go outside for lockdown.

Keesha: "They're being very weird today!" (referring to BB)
Michelle: "Something's going on!"

Stay tuned...