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Friday, August 15, 2008

Before the Nominations:

After Ollie was done campaigning to Renny, Keesha went and talked to Renny to see where her head was at. Renny said that she likes Ollie and doesn't wanna put him up. Keesha reminds her that if she doesn't, and nominates April, Ollie could win the POV and save her and then both of them would be safe this week.

Shortly after, April went upstairs to the HOH room to do her own campaigning:

Renny: "You're a tough competitor, I'm not gonna lie!"
April: "I think we all are!"
Renny: "If you go up, that would be the reason."
April: "And I would respect that!"

Renny goes on & on about how it's NOT personal (she's VERY worried about making enemies and she's trying to not making anything personal.)

April & Renny hug and April leaves.

Switching cameras to:
Backyard Couch

Jerry points out that the weights have been removed.

Jerry: "Something's coming! [Big Brother] is going to do something."

Jerry then says it was cool that America "put them on lollipops".

Ollie goes back up to the HOH room to talk to Renny:

Ollie: "I just want to run this past you..April is a target and I don't think I should pay for it. If you don't put me up, you're safe for the next 2 weeks if I get HOH any of those weeks."
Renny: "I'll remember that."
Ollie: "You can still put HER up, just not against me!"
Renny: "I've already made my decision & remember after the nominations what you said..because I'm going to hold you to it."

Ollie tells her that he loves her, she says "I know". (lol)

Ollie goes straight to April and tells her everything.

Ollie: "I'm thinking about doing whatever I can to keep you in this game."

(By the sounds of it, Renny is going to nominate Jerry & April. Nominations should be in a couple hours and we'll find out then!)

Ollie: (to April) "If [Renny] doesn't put me up against you, then she's stupid."

Keesha is worried about Renny not putting April & Ollie up together.

Keesha: "The things that have been coming out of [Renny's] mouth lately..ever since she won HOH..I don't understand."

Memphis & Dan both hope they can play in the POV comp.
Memphis: "If I don't get picked to play in the POV comp, I'm gonna be PISSED!"

Stay tuned...