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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renny out of Keesha/Memphis/Dan alliance?

Ever since Renny nominated April & Jerry, and went against the alliance by not nom'ing Ollie & April, Keesha & Memphis have really started to question Renny.


Keesha told Memphis how Michelle said that she wants Jerry gone REALLY bad, but that she'd wait until next week. When Michelle told Keesha that, she basically said that she was with Ollie & April.

April will go this week, that's for sure (Keesha/Memphis/Dan have the votes this week to get her out), so now Keesha & Memphis are thinking ahead for next week. They assume that once April is gone, Ollie & Michelle will play in the game together and take Jerry along with them. The problem is, Renny didn't put up Ollie this week because she "likes Ollie" and didn't want to do that to him. Could alliances in the house be shifting? Looks that way! But probably won't happen until next week after April is gone.

Memphis: {to Keesha} "One of us has to win HOH next week. We have to."

Stay tuned...