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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Overnight Report

Yesterday, Renny & Keesha a pretty important talk up in the HOH room.

Keesha told Renny about how she thinks that Michelle & Ollie will team up together. Renny agreed and can totally see that happening. Then they started to talk about Memphis and Renny told her that Memphis would only get Keesha so far in the game before turning on her and that could happen sooner than later. Renny then mentioned that Memphis may have to be backdoored to get him out. Keesha, who has an alliance with Memphis, quickly focused on backdoor'ing Michelle instead.

Both girls can't trust Michelle at all and they know that she talks to Memphis alot when nobody is around.

Renny, adding to the list of people she can't trust in the game, brought up Dan's name next.

The girls decide to go get Dan and talk to him. As they walked downstairs, they noticed that Memphis and Michelle were quietly talking to each other outside on a lounger. This only confirmed their suspicion of Memphis/Michelle being "in talks" with each other (which during their convo, Michelle said she'll vote with the house.)

Renny ended up talking to Dan and Dan told her that he's not using the veto, he wants to keep the noms the same. Dan then flips the script a bit and flat out asked Renny if her and Ollie had struck a deal together. Of course, Renny said no. During their conversation, Renny warned him about April possibly trying to buy him off with the money she has won that she can barter with. (I really don't think it would work though, because it's not alot of money and Michelle/Memphis/Keesha are voting April out regardless & Dan would just put a huge target on himself..wouldn't be worth it. Plus, Dan had already made a comment that $5,000 wouldn't be "enough" for him to use the POV. So that theory is pretty much dead.)

Speaking of April getting evicted, she is well aware that this is her final week and so does Ollie. I've been noticing Ollie starting to (slowly) separate himself from April and this is a good move for him game wise. But everyone, especially Memphis, is well aware that he hasn't done shit in the game thus far and they're not going to let him just slide on through the game. As of right now, Ollie & Jerry are the two biggest targets for next week. And if Michelle/Ollie team up, this could leave Michelle & Jerry all alone in the game and unless they won HOH and/or teamed up, they'd be like sitting ducks.

On the topic of April being pregnant or not: The last I heard (which was yesterday morning), is that April is having severe cramps and wanted Midol to help with her cramping. So who knows what's going on (as far as her being pregnant or not.)

Late last night, the HG's had some alcohol but nothing but a few HG's with a buzz came out of it. They all were chatting and having a good time. Renny did some more impressions of a few HG's and that was about it.

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

Stay tuned...