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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (pics)

Good afternoon, everyone!

The HG's haven't really been much of anything today. Renny gave Michelle & Dan a haircut (Oh boy, did Dan NEED one! lol)

I forgot to post in the Overnight Report that Memphis & Dan talked for a little bit outside and they came with up the idea to start making "fake alliances", but take each other to the Final 2. Do I believe Memphis will take Dan to the Final 2? Not really. I think Memphis will make 1 or 2 more "Final 2" alliances..he does whatever it takes that particular week & usually up to 1 week after that. Just like in chess, Memphis always thinks one step ahead and that is what makes him a great player of the game. With that being said, Memphis has been talking more & more to Jerry and trying to get on his good side. This is also good game play in case Jerry wins HOH this week, then Memphis will have the ability to "get in his ear" about who to nominate and who not to nominate. He's covering all of his bases & thinking ahead.

Currently on the feeds:

Michelle/Ollie/April in the 50's room:

They're all joking around about how Dan is America's Player.


They're talking about the onion comp and Jerry is telling her how he got so many onions (he won that comp) and Keesha is re-doing her toenails and saying "Mm hmm" and being polite.

Anybody else ready for a twist to get these HG's going? lol ;-)

I'll be back later on tonight!! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...