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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Okay, let's get caught up on what's happened in the late afternoon and then I'll dive right into the evening happenings:

Jerry finally apologized to Dan for the "Judas" remarks. He was very sincere and it wasn't to game related. Very heartfelt.

Later on, April approached Dan outside and asked him if there's anything she can give him (to get him to use the veto on her), and he said he's not using the veto because he doesnt wanna piss off Renny. She tells him to let her know if there's anything she can do/give him to change his mind.

After that, Dan & Michelle talked in the 60's room. She basically was telling Dan that it might be better to get Jerry out instead of April. During their convo, Ollie came in and did a little campaigning to keep April as well. They are both trying to get Dan to use the veto to save April. After the conversation ended, Michelle went and told April everything she told Dan to try to get him to change his mind & use the veto on her.

Let me get back to the live feeds, get some screencaps, and gather more info for ya'll & I'll post it right here.

As I turned on the feeds...

I heard some conversations going on, but then the feeds went to standby mode (fishies) and when they came back, I could hear Michelle & April bitching about a girl in Production that was being rude to the girls about putting on their microphones, but was super nice to Jerry.

Keesha goes into the Diary Room and comes out and says that "they" told her to tell someone else in Production how rude that one girl is being.

The feeds are on/off standby mode for some reason, but I did get a short glimse of April waiting for Ollie outside the bathroom and...

Ollie: "Will you open the door and let me watch?"
April: "Oh, heavens no! Don't you dare open this door!"
Ollie: "I would never do that. That's disrespectful. You know, you're gonna have to take a doo-doo someday while I'm taking a shower. Might as well get it over with!"

Switch feeds to:
60's Room w/ Memphis & Dan

(Dan talking about taking April's money to use the veto)

Dan: "..otherwise, it'd be a no brainer."
Memphis: "Is it worth it, dude? Because the fact is, if you think she's not gonna put me up next up next week if she or Ollie won HOH, then you're stupid. Because they will."
Dan: "I was thinking about asking for a 1 week saftey agreement [for me & you] but then I'd expose [our alliance] by doing that."
Memphis: "Ya, and they'll go after us either way."

(Michelle comes in..)

Michelle: "What are you two doing?"
Memphis: "Nothing. Fuckin' tired."

Michelle leaves about 10 minutes later & game talk resumes.

Dan: (joking) "What if I took the $5,000 from April and didn't use it anyways?"
Memphis: "That'd be funny. That's something I would do."
Dan: "I couldn't do that."

Memphis leaves. Dan thinks to himself for a few minutes.

Enter Michelle.

She does a little (what I call) conversation foreplay by asking Dan how his ice cream sundae was and etc etc. Finally, she gets to the point and asks him what he's doing with the veto. He says he doesn't know.

Enter April. (Coincidence? I think not. lol)

April tells Dan that if he saves her this week, Ollie & April will keep him safe next week.

I can barely hear Dan because Dan has the gift of messing with his microphone or scraping it constantly against pillows or his shirt. It only happens when he's talking game. Arghh!!

April leaves, Michelle stays & talks to Dan about a million scenarios and eventually says "It's up to you. You can't be a floater the rest of the game."

Their conversation goes on for another 10 mins or so and basically Michelle is saying that Dan can join Ollie/April/Michelle in an alliance and flip the house upside down.

Michelle: "You have a big decision to make."

Their convo ends and they both leave the room and head to the kitchen where everyone else is at. Dan thanks Keesha for making him (and Memphis) an ice cream sundae.

Dan goes outside to the hot tub, Keesha goes outside too (but sits on the couch and talks to Dan from there), and Memphis is sleeping in the hammock in the backyard. In the Spa Room, Ollie & April are talking. Michelle is in/out of the backyard.

I'll be back in the morning with a full Overnight Report, so enjoy the rest of the night either watching Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime, or on the live feeds!! :-D

See ya'll in the morning!

Stay tuned...