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Monday, August 18, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Last night, the house was buzzing with talk of keeping April or not.

Spa Room:

They were talking about what all Michelle has done as far as trying to keep April in the house, but all April did was talk shit on Michelle and was highly disappointed that she couldn't get the swing vote for her to stay. (Talk about being ungrateful!) Ollie got fed up with Dan's "I don't know" answers and said that he wanted to talk to him and just ask him, flat out, what he plans on doing with the veto. No more "I don't know" answers.

Ollie: "If you leave, that will be my motivation the rest of my time in the house."

Living Room:
Dan & Keesha

Dan talked to Keesha about taking April's $5,000 or not to use the veto on her and Keesha told him:

Keesha: "It's up to you."

Just when I thought Keesha didn't care about April going home or not (which REALLY would have shocked me!!), she then told Dan that she would like to see the noms stay the same and that there will be more prizes in the game and April's $5,000 won't mean shit at that point.

Dan then told Keesha that he really WANTS to trust Memphis, but he can't. And Keesha agreed.

Next on Dan's list of getting advice from..Renny!

HOH Room:

After throwing out his pros & cons of using the $5,000 from April, Renny sets him straight & Dan understands that Renny is right.

Dan: "It's not worth $5,000 to me [to use the veto]."

Renny: "When [April] has power and control, she's a beast! Do what you wanna do. Personally, I don't think it's worth it."

Renny continues to paint Dan a picture of what would come after this week if he did use the veto to save April.

Renny: "Think about it: it'd be Ollie, April, probably Jerry again, and Michelle. And then they would have the power."

Renny: "You'd piss off alot of people if you used it and they'd all be after you next week to get your ass out. You have a better chance of staying in the game [if you don't use the veto]. They could look at you as a traitor."

Dan: "You're right, Renny. Thanks for talking with me."

Dan tells Renny that she scared him when she was thinking about using Dan as a pawn and that's what made him second guess her.

Dan says it's tempting to take the $5,000, but not *that* tempting considering all the risks involved.Renny says that she would turn on him, Keesha would turn on him..they'd have to at that point!

Dan: "By not using the veto, I hope you can see that you can still trust me. I didn't come here to win just $5,000."

Dan is so worried that now he has talked to Renny, and ultimately told her he was thinking about ditching the 'crew', that Renny won't be able to trust him now. He kept saying over & over again "I hope you can still trust me!"

Shortly after their convo, Dan goes to bed (Keesha & Memphis were already asleep). Renny also was getting ready for bed, and this was 40 minutes prior to showtime's After Dark show was set to be over.

And this concludes your Overnight Report. ;-)

Stay tuned...