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Monday, August 18, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

Good morning, BB fans!! Today the POV Ceremony will be held and it looks as if Dan will not use the veto to save anybody from the block, which should ensure April's departure this Thursday.

Let's take a look at what's happening on the live feeds, shall we? We shall! ;-)

Everyone is up (though I haven't seen Dan, Memphis, or Ollie just yet).

They are all up and doing their morning routines.

Michelle: "Hey Jerry, you must have liked that Big Brother played some Johnny Cash this morning to wake us up."

Jerry: "Oh ya, I've always liked him. He has such a unique voice."

They're all talking about the movie "Walk The Line" (the story of Johnny Cash). April has never seen it. Michelle is telling her to watch it because it's "really good!"

Memphis/Dan/Ollie are now up (BB woke them up).

Ollie & April already made their way into the Spa Room to talk for a minute and then April left and Ollie remained laying down.

Michelle/Keesha/April are in the bathroom doing their hair & makeup.
Memphis & Jerry are outside on the couch. Memphis is sipping his coffee and rubbing his eyes, Jerry is relaxing. Not a word has been exchanged yet between them.

April is caking on the makeup, Keesha is finishing up her hair, and Michelle is applying her makeup. Jerry/Memphis still remain outside on the couch and no words have been exchanged still. lol

Backyard Couch:

Memphis tells Keesha that there's no point in sucking up to Jerry or to try to find a common ground with him because he's a "fucking liar" anyways and Memphis knows that if Jerry wins HOH this week, he'll put him up on the block. And Memphis said that he'd nominate Jerry as well if he wins HOH.

Their talk turns to the subject of Renny. Both of them say they can't trust her anymore.

Memphis: "I feel like she's gonna come after me before Ollie, which pisses me off.

Keesha: "I honestly think she would."
Memphis: "I know! That's what I'm sayin'."
Keesha: "Renny has never told me that, but just this past she's been acting, scares ME!"

Keesha tells Memphis that she thinks Renny is lying about not making some sort of deal with Ollie (to not nominate him) and she's scared that someone she trusted so much (Renny) through-out the game, is now someone she doesn't trust.

Jerry went outside & all talk about Renny stopped.

The HG's are camera-ready now, and the POV Ceremony should be starting within an hour (probably before 3pm EST, which is 12pm BBT).

April is talking to Ollie about how to play the game after she leaves.

April: "Get in good with the guys, so it'll be guys VS girls. You can't win against Michelle or Renny. I'll talk my ass off in the jury house, so don't worry about that. But just kiss Dan's ass and get Jerry to join you two, and take down the girls. Jerry is very good at the POV's. Tell Dan that you're not mad at him for not using the POV on me and for me leaving."

Everyone is anxious to get the POV Ceremony started.

Stay tuned...