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Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

Game talk has already started!!

Backyard Couch:

Memphis asked him what the hell he is doing. Dan tells Memphis that he really needs to work on Renny's vote this week.

Memphis tells Dan that Ollie might as well be the HOH this week (since Dan gave him every power of the HOH) and Dan can't even play for HOH next week.

Dan: "I'll tell you about it when it gets closer. You'll have to work Renny this week."

Memphis: "Your doing exactly what he wants to do and he gets to play next week. I mean I can work on Renny all week when she goes to vote, but you saw her fly off the handle off last week. It doesn't matter now! What sucks is, I have to worry about Ollie and Michelle now. I mean if they make it to the final 4, but it will be interesting to see. "

Dan: "I have to talk to you about a lot of stuff."

Memphis: "I thought Michelle had my back. Obviously she doesn't. I called her out last night. I mean, Ollie is trying to put me on the block, that's a pretty ballsy move. As far as I'm concerned, he drew first blood on it last night and he didn't even win hoh!

Dan: "I'll tell you about the entire deal, but not yet. When he was up there your name wasn't even mentioned."

Dan: If Michelle goes up some time this week, would you hesitate to vote her out?"

Memphis: "No, dude, I do not want her anywhere near the end. If she had clothes on, she would have won."

Dan: "You've got to trust me this week. Obviously you can't talk to anybody, not Ollie, nobody. You've got to keep cool and trust me."

Dan: "I've got to go start lining my ducks up"

Dan leaves to goes into the house.

HOH Room:

Dan is talking to Keesha about getting Michelle out this week!

Renny enters.

Dan tells Renny/Keesha his thought process (he told Keesha the whole deal, but isn't telling Renny or anybody else.)

Dan wants to make and official Final 4: Dan/Keesha/Renny/Memphis
They all don't trust Memphis, but they *need* him right now.

Dan: "Tell me what you think of Memphis."
Renny: "I think he'd cut your throat! He already thinks he won this game."

Renny goes on to say that she'd vote out Memphis over Michelle.

Dan: "This conversation doesn't leave this room!"

Renny is making the Final 4 plan VERY difficult. She is going off about how much she hates Memphis and thinks he's an arrogant prick, etc etc.

Dan: "But can we USE get to the Final 4, and then cut him.."
Renny: "He needs to go! I want him to go!"

(Shut up, Renny!! Just accept the DEAL!!!)

Renny is just not 'getting it'. Dan/Keesha are telling him that they NEED him to further their game play. Renny is on an anti-Memphis rant.

Renny: "I'm confused."

Dan: "What can we do, to get us 3 to the Final 4."
Renny: "Right now, I'm gonna do what you wanna do. [Final 4]"

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! lol

Dan: "I know how you feel about Memphis..but Jerry won't get us far in this game...
Keesha: "..and Michelle will take us out!"
Dan: "We need Memphis for get us further in the game." they all agree to do the Final 4, but Renny is on another anti-Memphis rant. lol

Dan: "Since I can't play for HOH next week, I need you two [Keesha/Renny] to be fighting for us..and we need 1 more [Memphis] to fight for us."

Renny: "I have no problems using him! But I wanna cut him at some point."
Dan: "It's not about *if* we cut him, it's *WHEN* we cut him."

Stay tuned...