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Friday, August 22, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Gooood morning, everyone!!!

Okay, so the question on everyones mind is..'What is the deal that Ollie & Dan made?''re not going to believe this one:

Ollie tells Michelle his deal with Dan was 3 parts:
1. Ollie and Michelle don't go up
2. They aren't the replacement nominees
3. Ollie gets to pick the replacement if POV is used.

Before you freak out (like I did!), I don't know if Dan plans on honoring that or not. We'll find out though!!

Ollie told Michelle about the deal.

And they also made a "to the end" deal together.

Storage Room:

Michelle acted like she didn't know anything when she talked to Memphis..Memphis tells her HE HEARD IT out of Dan's mouth. (Dan didn't whisper, he said it outloud.)

Switch to:
60's Room

They are all stunned & pissed at Dan for making such a shady deal with Ollie. They all tried to figure out what the hell Dan was/is thinking.

Dan got his HOH room last night. It was filled with pics of his family & his girlfriend Monica, who is gorgeous by the way!!! Everybody commented on how pretty she is.

Dan got his letter from his family & Monica, too. He could barely read it..he took pauses every minute to collect himself, but he was clearly crying.

Everyone was going "awwww!!" and "how cute!!".

As soon as everyone left, Dan went and got the remote for the HOH spy screen and turned it on and said the BEST line of the season:

Dan: "That was all nice & lovey-dovey, on!"

That line was then followed a few minutes later with:

Dan: "Let’s do this like Judas."

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...