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Friday, August 22, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (part 2)

Memphis thinks this week will be a double eviction (and he's right.) Of course, BB never tells them but some seasons I wonder if they "hint" towards it in the Diary Room.

Ollie spilled the beans (Dan & Ollie's deal) to Jerry. (Uh oh! This could get interesting! lol) Jerry *still* thinks Dan is America's Player, in case you were wondering.

Ollie then goes and tells Michelle the details of the deal, which will be a big problem because Dan & Ollie agreed to not tell anyone the details on their deal just yet.

Dan was up in the HOH room with his headphones on listening to a CD, all while watching the spy screen.

He saw that Michelle came up earlier to talk to him, but he ignored her & laughed at how she wanted to talk to him but wasn't letting her in. lol

Switch to:
HOH Room
Dan (alone)

Dan started to talk outloud about what he was seeing on the spy screen:

Dan: "Here comes the colonel"
(he laughs at Jerry walking away from HOH door after he doesnt answer.)
Dan: "..and there he goes to Ollie..ANNNNND here comes Ollie to do some damage control. Do I know these people or what?!
Dan: "Come on Jerry, come on up. OHH!!..he doesnt want anyone to see him. Ok."

Switch to..
Backyard Couch

Memphis: "I never thought in a million years that I would have to worry about Dan winning HOH."

Keesha: "Oh, I did!"

[long silence]

Keesha: "3 more hours until nominations..then we'll see what's really going on [with Dan's plan]."

**3 hours from now would mean that nominations will be at 5pm BBT today.

HOH Room @ 2:40pm BBT:

Memphis: "If you put me on the block, there's a good chance that I'll go home!"

Dan: "I haven't thrown out the idea of backdooring just yet.."

Memphis: "Backdoor? You gotta win the POV first before you backdoor anyone! And the veto has only been used once so far in this game..once!"

Dan: "It's in my best interest to keep you in the house. What would you do if you were me, this week?"

Memphis: "Michelle is already attached..hardcore! Ollie. If it's Me/You/Keesha/Ollie for the Final 4, I'm confident in that! I wouldn't rely on the backdoor thing."

Dan: "I'm not! I'm just saying that it's an option."

Dan asks Memphis a question...

Dan: "If X & Y are on the block, and then there's Z that's not...who is going to fight harder for the POV?

Memphis: "MICHELLE!"

LOL!!!! ;-)

Memphis then says that the people on the block will fight harder for the POV. Could this be Dan's way of getting things to work out this way? To give the other people in the house a false sense of security so that they don't fight as hard for the POV? Hmm!!

Dan: "You don't know anything about the deal [I made with Ollie]?"
Memphis: "I know it was to save Ollie..and obviously Michelle is safe cause shes walking around like she is...Renny knows she's safe because you promised her last week you wouldn't put her up!"

(By the way, it sounds like Memphis & Jerry are gonna be nominated today.)

Dan gets called to the Diary Room...
Memphis: "See you on the battlefield!" (Memphis leaves.)

Backyard Couch:

Memphis is FREAKING OUT about going up on the block. Obviously, he doesn't know that Keesha/Dan/Renny plan on including him in the Final 4 plan. My guess is that Dan is making Memphis worry so that Ollie & Michelle believe that Dan still plans on honoring Dan & Ollie's deal, and to also light a fire under Memphis' ass to win the POV this week. I believe that after the nominations or the POV, Dan & Co. will talk to Memphis and bring him into the Final 4 group and then backdoor Michelle.

During Dan & Memphis' convo in the HOH room, Memphis said that he hasn't won anything (HOH or POV) and Dan said..

Dan: "That's because you haven't really wanted to win anything yet."
Memphis: "That's true."

This is why I think Dan is making Memphis get his ass motovated to win the POV, all while giving Michelle & Ollie a false sense of security and dodging drama in the meantime (from Ollie/Michelle).

Keesha is doing a wonderful job at fooling Memphis and not "spilling the beans" to him. So far, Dan's plan is working out GREAT! But, it all comes down to the POV!

Memphis: (to Keesha) "This POV is gonna be...VERY interesting."
Keesha: "Ya."

Stay tuned...