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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Gooood morning, BB fans!! :-D I'm gathering the overnight report & pics for ya, so check back in just a little bit!

Today the HG's will be fighting like hell for that golden POV! Oooh to watch all of that unfold..wouldn't that'd be great!?! We'll find out if Dan's "master plan" will work out or not.

Nothing "game changing" happened last night, though the feeds were rather interesting all night! Ollie & Michelle were whisper-talking during most of the night about the same stuff they've been talking about: "We're gotta win the POV, and I'm gonna f*** Dan over..if we win it, let's take Jerry down." Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

When the HG's received 2 beers & 1 bottle of wine, I knew (and so did the HG's) that the POV comp wasn't going to happen last night.

Memphis & Dan think that the POV comp might be a luxury/POV Comp. Example: "Take $10,000 or the Veto" kind of comp. We'll find out today if they're right! :-D

HOH Room:

Dan was taking a bubble bath as the others watched him and they all talked about non-game related stuff.

Renny was wearing a firefighters shirt & hat and Dan asked her about it. Renny said that the fire station has been her neighbor for years.

Dan: "There must be a reason they want you around."
Renny: "Yeah, I was their neighbor!"
Dan: "What did you do bake cookies? Dance for them?" (being a smart ass)
Renny: (irritated) "I WAS THEIR NEIGHBOR, dammit! Shout out to station 15!"

Dan gargles his bathwater..
Renny: "That's dirty, Dan!"
Dan: "But it's MY dirt!"
Renny: "That's nasty! It's all your dead cells!"

Talk then turns to Dan's back.

Renny: "Do you want me to wash your back?"
Memphis: "There will be no washing of each others backs."

Renny told Dan that he needed to wash his back because it was dirty & he had zits all over it. When Dan refused (just to mess with Renny), Renny took it upon herself to do it for him. LOL

Renny grabs a loofah and gets some soap...Dan says don't waste it, it's "special HOH soap." LOL

Renny: "There's more where this came from!"

Meanwhile downstairs, Ollie is telling Jerry to trust him that he'll be safe this week and Ollie/Michelle/Jerry are all talking & sharing stories. (I didn't listen because frankly, I didn't give a damn. lol)


They got the bottle of wine and 2 beers, Jerry has 1 of the beers because it's been so long since he could have one.

Jerry: "I'll probably get drunk just off of the smell of beer!" (laughs)

Talk turns to misc. topics: from the O.J. Simpson trial, to races. Renny said that there are "only 3 races" and Jerry says "there's 5: Black, Brown, White, Asian, and Red."

Renny: "RED???!!!??"

Everyone starts laughing at Jerry.

HOH Room:

Dan wants to know how Keesha feels. Keesha asks since the bubble bath?

Dan: "If you win [the POV], will you use it? ..And I'm not going to hold you to it, just, would you use it on Memphis or Jerry?"
Keesha: "Wouldn't you want me to use it?"
Dan: "Yeah, I mean, I don't care. If somebody uses it, I don't care. You know what I mean? Depending on WHO uses it. Like, obviously, I wouldn't want Michelle to win it and use it."
Keesha: "I don't think Michelle would use it."
Dan: "You don't think so?"
Keesha: "I dunno. Maybe."
Dan: "Yeah."
Dan: "Would you use it on Jerry of Memphis?"
Keesha: "I guess I'd have to..probably Memphis. I think that, you know ..
Dan: "If you're in it, you're going to like try to win it, right?"
Keesha: "Ya."
Dan: "Ok. Cuz I know you haven't won anything yet. There might be some prizes."
Keesha: "Oh you mean I haven't won any prizes yet. I don't know, Memphis didn't try to hard to win mine. That's the only thing about it. That's my biggest thing, like, he could have taken me off that block in an instant."
Dan: "Oh, I expect him to go balls to the wall and try to win it by a mile, you know?"
Keesha: "But of course, I mean, it's an important POV."
Dan: "There's a lot riding on this, for everyone."

(Ya thank, Dan?? lol)

Later on: Renny & Memphis join them.

They all speculated about what could be going on outside (since they're on lockdown) and some of them were thinking it would be a food comp.

They all agreed that this POV is going to be HUGE!!

Keesha talked about April and how she's so glad that the "barbie bitch" is gone. lol

Renny asks who called Jerry "the colonel" first.

Renny: " he even a colonel?
Memphis: "No!"
Renny: "Well then, how the hell did he get that name?"
Dan: "I gave it to him."
Keesha: "I feel for bad for him...he's all alone [in this house]."

All 4 are watched Jerry on spy screen saying it looked like he was debating on whether or not to go upstairs.

There was very little game talk last night, and what game talk was had, I've already covered once or twice (they tend to repeat convos in the house).

Okay, this concludes your Overnight Report! :-D Let me fire up the feeds and get to the Morning post. ;-)

Stay tuned...