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Friday, August 22, 2008

After the nominations:

Dan seems like an outcast in the house. Nobody is talking to him that much.

The houseguests are rather quiet and a sense of "what the f**k?" is flowing throughout. I can feel it from just WATCHING the feeds!!

Spa Room:

He seems to be thinking alot..Memphis walks in and tells him that dinner is ready.

Everybody sits down at the table, they all say a dinner prayer, and then total silence for minutes.

Michelle & Ollie just got done talking and they were laughing their asses off about Dan actually following through with the deal. Then they started to talk about the POV Comp:

Ollie: "If I win the POV, I'm using it on Jerry."
Michelle: "Same here! If I win it, I'll use it on Jerry."

Ollie then tells Jerry that him and Michelle will be fighting for the POV to save him from the block.

Ollie: "They fu**ed with the wrong person! I'm glad I didn't win HOH yesterday."

Little does Ollie know that Dan told Memphis..

Dan: (to Memphis): "If Ollie uses the POV to pull Jerry off, then Michelle will go up."

This week is gonna be REALLY interesting on the live feeds!!!!

Updated @ 7:27pm BBT:
Dan & Memphis are playing chess, and everyone else is taking a nap but I don't think that will be for too long...they are on lockdown and they are thinking that there tonight will be the POV Comp!!! (Big Brother, please say it's true!!!)

HOH Room:

Dan & Renny talked about how major the POV is this week. They also talked about Jerry and the possibility of making nice with him by using the POV. Dan asked Renny if she were to use the POV on Jerry, does she think that he would go along with voting Michelle out, and Renny said yes.

BB: "Renny, please go to the Diary Room."

Renny leaves, Memphis enters and then Memphis & Dan head back to their chess game outside the HOH room.

Stay tuned...