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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

Just as I turned on the feeds and saw Ollie sitting at the kitchen counter by himself, the feeds went to TRIVIA (at 10:27am BBT)!!! The HG's are more than likley choosing the players for the POV Comp today. Are ya'll as anxious as I am to find out who gets picked??!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post who was picked for today's POV Comp!!

10:40am BBT:
FEEDS ARE BACK!!! Let me get a couple of screenshots and gather some info on what went down during trivia.

Okay..Michelle got picked:

Michelle: "Thank you Jerry, for picking me. That was nice of you."

Playing for the POV:
*Dan (HOH)
*Jerry (Nom)
*Memphis (Nom)
*Michelle (picked by Jerry)

..and the host is: Ollie

Memphis seems to be in good spirits, but Ollie is laying down in his bed with his shades on and doesn't look happy.

11:01pm BBT:
Everyone (but Ollie/Jerry) are getting ready for the day & for the comp.
Michelle is doing her hair, Memphis just got done with his shower, Keesha is putting on her makeup, and Ollie is shaving his head & face. Renny is in & out of the bathroom getting ready.

11:12pm BBT:
Nobody has said a word in about 20 mins.
Jerry is in the Spa Room laying down taking a rest.
Memphis is dressed & doing his hair.

Dan walked into the Spa Room and asked Jerry how he was doing, Jerry said he's just resting.

Dan: "When do you think [the POV will start?]"
Jerry: "Well, Ollie is in the Diary Room right now, and he's the real soon I would guess."

Ollie is doing shaving and double-checks himself in the mirrors:

11:22pm BBT:
Renny & Keesha are in the 60's room (Renny is resting/Keesha is putting on makeup still), Michelle is at the kitchen counter with Memphis (a couple stools away), Jerry is still in the Spa Room. I haven't seen Dan in a few minutes on the feeds.

60's Room:

Memphis: "I got my Reebok pumps on..ready to go to war!" (laughs)
*Renny chuckles at him.*

Memphis: "Michelle came up to me and was like..'why the f**k did Jerry pick me??' I was like, I tell me!"
Renny: "If Michelle wins the POV, she'll take Jerry off, right? ..and put up Ollie."
Memphis: "I hope so!"
Keesha: "He's not going to put one of us up." [Us=Keesha/Renny]

They start talking about what kind of POV Comp they think it will be..they don't think it will be physical.

HOH Room:

Ollie is throwing Jerry under the bus, big time! He's saying that he wouldn't mind seeing Jerry leave this week and that he thinks Jerry actually wants out of the game.

Dan: "If things blow-up, don't go telling everybody our whole deal!"
Ollie: "I won't. Jerry suspects but I haven't told him anything." (lie)
Dan: "That's the thing, he may suspect, but he doesn't know for sure."

Dan told Memphis/Renny/Keesha earlier that if Ollie goes around telling Michelle/Jerry the whole deal, he's going to just deny it.

Ollie is clearly scared that (depending on who uses the POV) that he might be go up and Ollie is doing everything he possibly can to make sure that doesn't happen.

They end their convo with a hug and Ollie says "Good luck, man!" and he leaves the HOH room.

Spa Room:

Ollie is whispering to Jerry about his convo with Dan.
Jerry: "Tell Dan that if he keeps me, and I end up in the Jury House down the line, then I'll make sure he gets the votes. But if he doesn't, then I'll make sure he doesn't get the big money."

Ollie then covers his ass by telling Jerry to keep hush-hush about the whole deal he made with Dan this week:

Ollie: "He thinks I haven't told you the whole deal, so he doesn't know that YOU know the whole deal [about picking the renom], so don't say anything to him and act like you don't know what he's talking about."

50's Room:

Ollie is now telling Michelle everything and filling her in. Michelle then says that she told Memphis earlier that she surprised that Jerry picked her to play in the POV Comp today. They then talk about if Renny wins, then Dan will have to put up Keesha.

Little does Ollie & Michelle know that Dan plans to backdoor Michelle (or possibly even Ollie), if Michelle doesn't win the POV today.

Okay, so here's where things stand:

If either Dan/Keesha/Memphis/Renny wins the POV, Memphis will come off.
If Michelle wins it, she'll either save Jerry or not use it.

Scenarios if Michelle wins it:
Michelle wins it and DOESN'T use it, then Memphis would stay if Dan breaks the tie.
Michelle wins but uses it to save Jerry: then Ollie will go up and get backdoored.

If this all works out in Dan's favor for his alliance of 4, then this will be one of the greatest moves in BB history!! It's a very risky move but a SMART move that Dan made this week, there's really no chance for failure at this point; it's just a choice of who will get backdoored..Michelle or Ollie.

12:17pm BBT:
Keesha/Renny/Memphis/Dan are in the kitchen snacking away and anxiously awaiting the POV Comp to start.

Dan looks like he's deep in thought.

Stay tuned...