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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Winner of the POV is:


The Winner of the POV is:


It was a puzzle comp.

HOH Room:

Dan jumps on Memphis' back and they both celebrate!!

Dan: "Michelle is gonna FLIP, dude!"

(I think Dan plans to backdoor Michelle?)

Memphis: "We're gonna have to win HOH dude, cuz Ollie will What are we gonna do about Jerry?"

YUP!!! The plan is to backdoor MICHELLE!!!

Ollie & Michelle are both worried about what's gonna happen next:

They both wanna talk to Dan and try to get him to not use the POV. (Good luck with that, guys! ;-) lol)

Turn on the feeds!!! There's too many details & conversations going on for 1 person (ME!!) to cover!!!

Dan & Memphis are still talking in the HOH room: their plan is to backdoor Michelle and to tell Jerry that he's okay this week and possibly get a deal made from Jerry out of it.

Keesha enters, and a few minutes later Renny enters the HOH room as well.

The comp was a puzzle comp but they were flying through the air.
Keesha: "ya, because you're using your body weight to fly."
Memphis: "I know! I was haulin' ass!"


Renny: "Michelle is down there slamming cabnit doors. I can't stand that shit!"
Keesha: "She ALWAYS does that! Look..[looks at spy screen]..she just looked up here. She's pissed!"

Conversation switches to Michelle:

Dan: (laughing) "Guys, if some shit goes down, you better have my back!"
Renny: "Like what??"
Dan: "Like Michelle throwing steak knives at me!"
Memphis: "Dude, she's gonna leave here fuckin' screaming & kicking!"

They then all talk about getting Jerry to give them his gold bars (I believe it's $4,000 or $5,000) in order to keep him "safe" this week. lol They talked about it for a while but I think that idea is dead now.

Downstairs, Ollie is PISSED!! He was talking to Michelle in the kitchen and said "This game is about to get UGLY!" He also said that he wants to call out Dan in front of everybody and if he denies the whole deal they made, Ollie is going to "punch him". (Wow!)

Updated @ 5:33pm BBT:
*Renny is in the kitchen cooking.
*Memphis is in the Diary Room.
*Michelle is in bed doing her nails.
*Dan is showering up in the HOH room.
*Keesha is in her bedroom putting on makeup.
*Ollie is in the Spa Room.
*Jerry is laying down.

All is quiet in the BB house....for now. ;-)
You can bet your bottom dollar that if BB gives them beer & wine tonight (enough to get drunk), there's gonna be a major shit-storm in that house! PLEASE, BB..get'em drunk tonight!! Or at least Michelle! I wanna see some action! ;-)

Updated @ 5:49pm
Everybody still doing the same thing.
Ollie went up to the HOH room to talk to Dan but Dan didn't answer because he was in the shower. Ollie is back in the Spa Room.

Stay tuned...