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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

Things slowed down earlier this evening, but the HG's are waiting for alcohol..actually, Michelle is more or less begging for it. lol She's been pushing the Storage Button access button for a while and now she's trying to get into the Diary Room to see if they're getting any booze tonight.

Ollie & Dan spoke earlier and Ollie told Dan that his pick for the renom is Keesha but he knows that Dan promised Keesha that she wouldn't go up, so Ollie then picks again and says "Renny." Dan said he'd think about it. lol Of course, the plan to backdoor Michelle is still very much in motion.

In other news: The HG's know that one of them will be receiving a phone call!!! They don't know which one of them won the phone call (and neither does America yet.)

Jerry still thinks he's going home this week and that's the way Dan wants him to think. With that on his mind, he's also hoping that he's the one that gets picked to recieve a phone call (from his wife).

Currently on the feeds:
Oh goodness..the HG's got their alcohol! Let the fun begin!!! :-D

BB gave them much more booze than normal, so it should be a very fun night on the feeds!!

Memphis & Dan are playing Beer Pong now.

Memphis has the goal of getting Dan buzzed tonight. lol Dan's cups are filled with Sprite, but if Memphis wins, Dan has to drink ALL of Memphis' cups with beer in them. :-P

Keesha doesn't even know how to play Beer Pong..

Keesha: "How do you play beer pong?"
Memphis: "Why don't you come and play it?"

Michelle came in from outside and helped herself to the rest of the wine.

Keesha & Renny only had 1 glass, Michelle had at least 2 glasses that I personally saw but Keesha said she had 3. The girls both agree that it was shitty for Michelle to take the rest of the wine without even offering them anymore.

Stay tuned...