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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Overnight/Morning (Updated!)

Good morning, BB fans!!

I'm not going to be doing an Overnight Report because pretty much everything that happened, I already covered in last nights post.

Keesha, Renny, and Michelle ended up joining in the beer pong fun, Michelle talked to Dan last night up in the HOH room trying to throw Keesha under the bus (which of course, didn't work), Keesha & Dan spent time with Jerry outside last night just talking about non-game related stuff. It was really nice to see HG's interacting with Jerry..poor guy hasn't had much communication with anybody in the house for a while (other than Ollie/Michelle who are trying to use him this week to side with them.)

Everybody went to bed relatively early.

As of 8:44am BBT, all the HG's are still sleeping.

I'm going to be offline until about 7pm EST tonight (which is 4pm BBT) due to offline obligations that I have to take care of, but I'll back tonight! :-D

Today should be a rather interesting day on the feeds considering that the Veto Ceremony is tomorrow! ;-) So if you have the feeds, enjoy them today! If you don't have the feeds, you can peek in on the HG's for 2 weeks totally free before you have to pay a penny...go here to get'em!

Updated @ 9:39am BBT:
Okay, I peeked in on the HG's as I was drinking my last cup of coffee and I wanted to give ya'll this update:

9:23am BBT: Big Brother wakes up the houseguests.
9:30am BBT: Memphis & Keesha wonder why BB woke them up so early, and Keesha said that BB told them to be ready in 45 minutes (which would be 10:15am'ish BBT).

Luxuary Comp, perhaps? I'm not sure.

I'm gonna have the live feeds on as I do my hair & makeup and see what else I can find out before I have to leave!

9:58am BBT: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door."

Jerry & Dan are outside talking, wondering what the heck is going on. Jerry thinks it might have something to do with the 'phone call for a HG' thing. Could be!

Updated @ 10:13am BBT:
We got TRIVIA on the feeds!!!! (Wonder what's going on???!)

Updated @ 10:57am BBT:
FEEDS ARE BACK!! It was JERRY who got the Phone Call from home.

Jerry: (yelling) "THANK YOU, AMERICA!!!"

(You're welcome, Jerry!! :) )

He talked to his wife, Joanne and his great-grandson and granddaughter. Everybody hugged him and said "Congratulations" to him.

Okay, now I REALLY gotta haul ass outta here. lol I'll be back later on!!

Stay tuned...