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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the house:

I'm back and ready for reporting!! :-D Goodness..taking the early afternoon to tend to some offline duties made me feel so freakin' lost! lol

Okay, so I'm trying to go through everything that happened this afternoon and I'll be reporting as I read about it.

Edit: Doesn't look like I missed anything (from what I can tell.) I'll dig deeper for any important convos, but I don't think anything really happened today. :)

Okay, time to dive right into what's currently happening on the live feeds!

Backyard couch:

Ollie is talking about how he has the HOH power this week and that nobody in the history of BB has ever been able to do make a deal like that before.

Renny is cooking dinner for everyone as usual.

There's just some chit-chat in the backyard, nothing of major importance right now. I almost look at it as the last time they will all be civil, because after the Veto Ceremony tomorrow, all hell is gonna break loose!!! Michelle & Ollie are gonna flip the hell out..I guarantee it! ;-)

Okay everyone, I'm gonna hit the hay. Tomorrow is gonna be INSANE and I really need to be ready. I've been listening/watching the feeds for hours and I'll have a good Overnight Report bright & early tomorrow morning for ya'll!! So until then... ;-)

Stay tuned...