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Monday, August 25, 2008

Overnight Report

Goooood morning, BB10 blog fans!!! :-D Sorry for the late start, but don't worry..I'll be here ALL DAY reporting every juicy detail of what's happening on the feeds! ;-)

Speaking of the feeds, it WILL be worth while for you to get them today if you don't already have them!! Ollie & Michelle have been threatening violence and it is 100% guaranteed that you will see them BOTH go off on Keesha/Dan/Memphis/Renny today!! And Memphis has been saying all season long that it takes a lot to get him fired up but when he does, "watch the f&%k out!"

I don't think I've EVER been this excited to see the result of a POV Ceremony..EVER!!! :-D There's gonna be a shit storm on live feeds today for sure!!!!

Now for the Overnight Report:

After dinner last night, Dan invited everyone to go up to the HOH room to talk to him one on one. Of course, Ollie/Jerry/Michelle threw Keesha under the bus again. Since they all think that Ollie has the power of HOH this week, they think that Dan's only options for the renom are Renny & Keesha. Dan didn't buy any of their bullcrap that they were throwing at him and actually laughed about it all to Keesha/Memphis/Renny shortly after.

In other news...

Michelle went to listen to Dan's CD in the HOH room but dan told her "no, tomorrow."

Michelle: "I can't be upstairs no more. He said, 'I need air'."
Ollie: "He aint buying it man, I hope he aint making this stuff up."
Michelle: "Well, if he is making this up, I will make sure he doesn't have
his job. He hasn't seen me yet!"
Ollie: "He hasn't seen me yet!"
Michelle: "He is being nice with "them" because the shit is hitting the fan.
Ollie: "Either way, it's hitting the fan. I might get kicked out for hitting somebody, for real. Might have to hold me back."
Michelle: "I've been biting my tongue all this time. Not no more!"
Ollie: "Me too."

...Ladies & gents, we just may have a 1 HG forcefully evicted today! lol ;-)


In the 60's Room:

They bring up the plan to get all of Jerry's money that he won ($4,000). They plan on going to Jerry and telling him that he needs to pay them all of the $4,000 for their votes. And as an incentive for Jerry, if he wins HOH this week & he puts up Ollie, they'll give the money back. (I doubt that, but we'll see I guess. lol)

Memphis: "What have we got to lose? He's staying anyways!" (they all laugh)

Either Keesha or Renny will approach him today before the Veto Ceremony and offer him the deal.

And this concludes your Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...