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Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

The HG's are up & guess what???

The POV Ceremony Will Start At 11am BBT!!!!!!!!

I am SOOO ready for it, bring it on!! ;-)

First thing this morning, Dan called Keesha and Renny up to HOH room to discuss what he wants to do at POV ceremony: Dan wants to ask the 4 people that are able to be nominated (Ollie, Michelle, Renny, & Keesha) who they all would put up.

Dan tells Renny & Keesha to say "Michelle."

Renny was NOT happy with this plan from Dan & kept asking him why he wants to do that because it puts a target on their backs.

Dan says he wants to make it interesting and dramatic and he needs them to do this.
Saying since Michelle is leaving anyway, it won't matter.


Renny: "Don't think so hard."
Dan: "I didn't wanna spook you out." (aka "piss you off")
Renny: "If anybody you're gonna spook, its gonna be you!"
Dan: "Why you say that?"
Renny: "Beause you do crazy things." (total silence)

Dan then felt bad for pissing off Renny and pulled her up into the HOH room for a minute.

Dan: "Would you feel better to say Ollie's name instead of Michelles?"
Renny: "Ya."
Dan: "I just don't wanna piss you off Renny, I care about you!" (very sincere)

They both hug for about 10 seconds and then they both leave and go down and tell Keesha the new plan.

10:51am BBT:
Dan enters the bathroom where Renny & Keesha are.

Dan: "Do you guys think its a bad idea [to say their names]?"
Keesha: "Yes! (laughs)
Dan: "I don't think its fair that I don't say anything, thats why i'll be the last person to say anything, is that ok? I don't want you guys mad at me..."
Renny: "That's fine."
Dan: "Okay. Alright."

Dan then goes outside and has a 1 minute convo with Memphis. Memphis said that he's worried Dan is doing too much plotting about the POV ceremony. Memphis thinks he's going to hurt himself and their alliance by what he's going to say today.

Dan then goes back inside and lays on the living room couch alone & starts thinking.

Renny is finishing her makeup in the bathroom.
Keesha walks in & they start whispering:

Renny: "I think what Dan's doing is going to backfire on his ass! I'm serious!"
Keesha: "Ya, I agree."

Backyard Couch:

Keesha: "I think Dan has lost his mind!"
Memphis: "Ya, I know."
Keesha: "Dan said he's going to ask Michelle first [who she wants the renom to be during the ceremony] and if she doesn't say my name, I'm not saying her name!"
Memphis: "Did you tell Dan that?"
Keesha: "Well, it's common sense! Why would I say her name if she doesn't say mine?!"

Switch to Living Room:

Ollie is telling Dan to put up Keesha, again. He's trying to convince Dan to backdoor her. Dan's playing up to him.

Backyard Couch:

Dan: "Please tell me any concerns you have right now."
Keesha: "I told you if she doesn't say my name I'm not either!"
Dan: "You understand that I'm doing this for tv, not for any motives." (HUH??)
Keesha: "I'm gonna beat your ass!"
Dan: "How boring is the normal veto meetings, blah blah blah, maybe I'll use the veto..maybe not.."
Keesha: "..but i don't wanna endanger myself!"

(Feeds cut to Ollie/Michelle)


Renny is doing her hair, Dan is chilling on the lounger.

Renny: "How ya doin', Dan?" (giggles)
Dan: "..fine. The calm before the storm."

(Aint that the truth!!!)

**The Veto Ceremony was supposed to start at 11am, but no doubt that BB is giving them plenty of time to do some more chatting!

HOH Room:

Dan opens door for ollie, he sits down
Dan: "Alright, now like i said if this blows up i gotta cover myself, do u have a problem if i ask u in the meeting saying a person's name?"
Ollie: "Its my decision right? Lets do a walk thru.."
Dan: "Heres the thing i'm not gonna tell you but.."
Ollie: "Where do i come in at?"
Dan: "I'm gonna ask as a replacement who do u want."
Ollie: "I'm down with that."
Dan: "When we're in outside lockdown, I'm gonna ask her or her do u want something to drink."
Ollie: "If I'm the one calling out, I want it to be my decision not yours, honestly Dan you're gonna break the tie breaker either way, don't include me on it man, I don't wanna call renny up on it, dude!"
Dan: "That's what I need."
Ollie: "If ur still deciding, I told you who i wanted to go up, thats the deal and that should be final, but obviously you made prior commitments and thats something I didn't know when i made the deal, I have a problem putting Renny up but not Keesha."
Dan: "I understand that, but no matter what happens, I'm gonna have alot of people pissed off, this is the last thing I need, if I do ask her to get a drink of water can you say that?"
Ollie: "That's tough dude, because it's really not my decision to do that, thats like me lying when your picking her not me, I don't wanna come off as a liar like that, ooookayy, I'll do it, if thats the case man, I'll do it."
Dan: "I haven't decided yet, you can't bullshit around, if that happens your not gonna be happy with what I do, its not gonna be cut & dry, so.."
Ollie: "You don't think I have a right to know what you're gonna do?"
Dan: "That's my way of telling you, by asking if they want something to drink."
Ollie: "At the same time, I don't wanna be vulnerable, I'm being thrown under the bus."
Dan: "If you see what I'm doing.."
Ollie: "Just don't lie man."
Dan: "I'm tellin you right now if there is any bullshit before you say her name, I'm not playin.."
Ollie: "I'm not mad at you, this is huge no matter what, if it looks like its my decision to do it, it'll come out eventually, do u think they'll be in good graces with you?"
Dan: "After what i do?"
Ollie: "Yeah, you got my word man. I won't adlib or nothing."
Ollie: "You never cease to amaze me, man!"
Dan: "It's gonna be towards the end."
Ollie: "I won't screw you up."
Dan: "If theres any bullshit, I will pull the trigger."
Ollie: "I won't man!" (laughing)
Ollie: "Yesterday when you told me to walk down the stairs so renny could see me, why did u do that?"
Dan: "I didn't want them to think they were being put up."
Ollie: "Your a character, dude!" (laughs)

(They both leave HOH room.)

Stay tuned...