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Friday, August 1, 2008

MAJOR fights in the BB house!!!!!

Surprise, BB fans!!! :-D

The Veto Comp will be held TONIGHT!!! I'll post more info on the POV comp in a new post (above this one).

Okay, so HOLY SHIT!! The house BLEW UP tonight!!!! Alright, here's what I've gathered...

April, Ollie, Keesha, Libra, & Dan were up in the HOH room talking about the POV tonight. April voiced her concerns that the other alliance will have "3 strong players" playing in the POV comp. April then goes a little too far and starts worrying about who to put up as a replacement nom (if one of "them" wins). Ollie speaks up and reminds April that the POV hasn't even started yet and to just see how it goes before getting all worked up. (Right on, Ollie!!)

Libra felt as if April was doubting how strong of a player she is during all of April's talking. April tells Libra that she's doubting herself, not her. Libra leaves the room angry and goes downstairs to her bedroom to tell Keesha about April saying (in so many words) that Libra isn't a strong player. Keesha agrees with Libra that April was in the wrong. Ollie comes in and tries to calm everyone down.

Jessie goes up to the HOH room (to stir shit up) and asks April if she yelled at Libra. April says no and asks why. Jessie says that Libra was YELLING very loudly about April and the way she was making her feel like a weak player.

April goes down to Libra/Keesha's bedroom to confront them on everything and that's when all hell breaks loose!!

Everyone is yelling at everybody (Libra/Keesha/April), April tells Keesha "I'll deal with you in a minute." and Keesha leaves the room FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! She walks back & forth in the kitchen and VERY loudly tells EVERYBODY in the house that she "can't fucking stand her!!" (she's referring to April).

Keesha: "Let's lay it out on the table! (punches kitchen counter) I can't stand that bitch!!! Okay? I fucking can't stand her!!"

The "Keesha Alliance" is falling apart at the seams, and it's all due to Jessie & Michelle's plan to getting them all to fight.

Jessie enters the hippie room and Libra goes OFF on him, and he goes off on her!!

Then Michelle comes in and goes was just a clusterfuck of yelling and almost too much to take in at one time!

The fight moves into the kitchen and this is when Libra & Keesha both went off on Jessie..HARDCORE!!! Keesha kept saying "FUCK YOU, Jessie! FUCK YOU!!" over and over.

Keesha: "FUCK YOU, you fucking kid!!"

The whole time, Memphis stood to the sidelines (and most of the time, completely away from the fighting) and never said a word. Smart man!!

Dan was on the couch reading his bible nearly the whole time and just like Memphis, was staying out of the line of fire.

Jerry was busy trying to calm people down over & over again and telling them all to stay cool and calm & to reserve their energy for the POV comp soon.

As of 2:37am, the HG's are still talking about what just happend and bashing other HG's and etc. They've all calmed down (somewhat) but are still pretty pissed off at this point.

The live feeds have been INSANE tonight & I expect them to get even more insane after the POV comp, but who knows how long that will even take! It's already 2:39am EST (which is 11:39pm BBT). I don't know about ya'll, but I'm not sure I can wait all night for the results of the comp. The set for the POV comp started to get built hours ago and Renny was commenting on how she could hear all kinds of power tools being used in the backyard to get the pov comp set up. If only BB would let us feed viewers know about how long it would take.

If you MUST know the second the feeds come back, and you're a night owl, then you need to get the live feeds because I can't stay up that much longer. :-(

I'll keep ya'll posted until I go to bed in a few minutes.

Updated @ 2:44am EST:
Keesha/Renny/Libra are all Jessie.

Update @ 3:00am EST:
The HG's are wondering when the POV comp will start. BB: After Dark on Showtime is now over and the HG's are thinking about going to take a nap before being called outside because they have no idea when it will start.

Stay tuned...