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Friday, August 1, 2008

Morning in the BB house

Alright, so it looks like Dan (America's Player) received his first task of getting a HG of our choice nominated for eviction. And that HG is:


He has already approached April twice about putting him on the block and she said that she will be nominating him. Looks like Dan's 1st task was easy as pie!

Big Brother is taking it easy on the HG's today by not making them do a food comp. Instead, BB gave them a backyard hockey game. And as we all know, Big Brother just doesn't give HG's toys for the hell of it; it'll be a comp of some kind soon. Rest assure. ;-)

In other news, it seems that Keesha & Renny are already starting to turn on their alliance with April, Ollie, and Libra! Keesha told Renny that they need to win POV (to save Memphis if he goes up). Renny does a little April bashing about how much of a control freak she can be.

As of 2:55pm EST (which is 11:55pm BBT), the houseguests were ordered to go inside the house for a lockdown. Hmmm!! Wonder what's up??

Stay tuned...