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Friday, August 1, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning, BB fans!! Hopefully ya'll are recovered from watching the endurance comp last night. I'm having a rough start to my morning from being up so late (4am EST).

Alright, there's just a few things I wanna cover really quickly before getting to the Overnight Report:

Renny didn't drop on purpose yesterday, she was disqualified for turning around. And the other thing is that during the live show yesterday, I mentioned that Memphis was part of the "Brian Alliance"..what I meant by that is that Angie was part of it, and Memphis was in an alliance with her, plus anyone (at this point) that isn't in the "Keesha Alliance", is the whole other side of the house. So I just wanted to clear that up real quick.

Okay, now it's time for the Overnight Report!! :-D

About 10 minutes before BB After Dark on Showtime ended, April got her HOH room. She got a basket full of goodies and straws that she wanted, plus some clothing from her family. She also received a letter from her twin sister and Ollie was a real gentleman when he told everyone in the HOH room to give April some privacy to read her letter. :)

Alright, so how many of you were shocked that Dan was chosen as America's Player? I know I was! In every poll and on the message boards on CBS, Renny was CLEARLY the winner. The only thing I can think of is that either they asked Renny and she turned it down (CBS said that they'd ask the HG with the highest votes and if they decline the challenge, they'll ask the runner-up). So either Dan was the runner-up, or something else happened that we don't know about. Not to say that I don't like Dan, because I do, I just thought that it would be Renny or Libra.

Speaking of Libra, I find it odd that she made a comment/joke late last night on the feeds about how she thinks Dan is "Americas Player". The first thing that ran through my mind was "Oh! Libra was asked first to be America's Player and turned it down!" But hey, I could be totally wrong and it could all just be one big coincidence.

In other news, today is nominations!!!! :-D It looks like April will put up Jessie & Memphis (as I previously posted last night). This is going to send the house into an uproar because April PROMISED, on her nephew Boston, that she would not nominate Michelle OR Jessie for eviction this week. Shit is going to hit the fan!!!! April's target is Memphis this week, but she wants to put up Jessie so that if Jessie wins the POV, he would have to save himself and not Memphis.

Renny & Keesha talked about April wanting to possibly put up Memphis & Jessie and Keesha said that Memphis needs to stay in the house and not leave. Could these two be starting to turn on their own alliance?? This could get interesting!

Well that's it for the overnight report!! Let me start up a new post with up-to-date info and pics. ;-)

Stay tuned...