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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evening in the BB house

Holy crap, that endurance comp was something else!! :-D I'll sleep good tonight from all my multi-tasking here at the computer. lol

We have a first look at April with her HOH key around her neck:

She hasn't been granted access to her HOH room just yet, but it should be soon! She'll look at pics, the HG's will look at pics, April will cry (from either pics of her sister or from a letter from her sister), HG's will start to filter out of the room and those left behind, will start to talk game. Or at least thats the way it normally goes.

Speaking of game talk, the only person that has been mentioned from April about nominations, is Memphis. No big shocker there. They "Keesha Alliance" is trying to fully wipe out the "Brian Alliance" (or what's left of it), and with only Michelle, Jessie, and Memphis left..and with the promise of not putting up Michelle & Jessie, there's only 1 more person left: Memphis. The other person will most likely be Jerry. Jerry tried to talk game to April already and that kinda hit a nerve with her and she told him she wasn't ready to talk game just yet.

As far as tonight goes, April said she might take a shower and since she'll have privacy from the other houseguests, I'm sure her and Ollie will make the most of it. ;-) As Renny said a little bit ago, "I guess we know where Ollie is sleeping for the week!" lol

Update @ 1:32pm EST:
April, Libra, and Renny are at the dinner table chit-chatting. April brings up the fact that Jerry tried to already talk game to her and that she told him to leave her alone because she's "not talking game tonight!" (she's mentally and physically drained).

Renny: *rolls eyes* "He is so obnoxious."

The talk then turns to game (and before she even has her HOH room! lol)

April: "Because if I put up Memphis & Jessie, and one of them wins POV, I will not put up Michelle, I can't put up Michelle!"

April then threatens to put up Keesha:
April: "If Keesha tells him (Memphis) anything, I'll put her up. She better not be talking to him!"
Libra: "Oh, I don't think she is."

Libra says that Memphis latched onto Keesha because he knew Angie was leaving.

In the 50's room, Memphis & Jessie & Michelle are making fun of a couple of people in the house (I know Ollie & April are two of them) that are saying that they think the earthquake was fake. Memphis thinks they're stupid for even thinking that.

Stay tuned...