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Friday, August 1, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House

Get ready for a bumpy afternoon because it's gonna get UGLY in the house!!!!

Libra/Keesha/April were talking about how they have the numbers and basically talking as if they (plus Renny) are already in the Final 4. "Next week, we'll get so-and-so, and then the week after that, we'll evict.." It's going to be a rude awakening when of those 4 gets evicted in the next coming weeks!!

April is preparing herself and the girls for when Michelle & Jessie flip out for Jessie getting nominated today.

April: "I'll just tell Michelle..hey! I promised he'd be safe this week, and he is. He's going up as a pawn. And then I'll tell her 'I didn't have to promise you nothing up there because I was whooping your ass!'"

**Hey April, REALITY CHECK: you weren't "whooping her ass" up there, you both were tired as hell and in pain and both were ready to drop at the same time.

And oh, how April soon forgets what she says. She actually PROMISED on the life of her nephew that Jessie & Michelle wouldn't be NOMINATED this week and including be SAFE from the POV. A war is gonna start in the house today for sure!!!

Updated @ 4:04pm EST:
Michelle & Jessie had a talk in the storage room about nominations today. They think that the noms will be Jerry & Memphis. (It will be Jessie & Memphis, though.) April & Libra and Ollie were just in the Spa Room talking about nominations and April's head is growing bigger by the minute, which seems to be what every HOH has done thus far this season.

Lockdown is now over.

Updated @ 4:26pm EST:
Jessie & Michelle are whisper-talking. They still have no clue that Jessie is going up on the block. Earlier, April said that Jessie isn't 100% safe this week because if he starts "running his mouth" about April's family or any kind of personal attack on her, she'll get him out of the house.

I'm going to take a break from now until the nominations ceremony. When I get back, I'll start a new post! :)

Stay tuned...