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Friday, August 1, 2008

April tells Michelle about Jessie going up

I was surprised at how well she took it.

April and Ollie called Michelle up to the HOH room and they all had a talk. April tells Michelle (in so many words) that Jessie is going up, but as a pawn and that her target is Memphis.

April then tells Michelle that she never promised to keep them both off the block and she repeated this over & over again.

Just in case you're wondering what April actually said, here's the exact conversation from when they were on the ledge during the endurance comp last night:

Michelle: "'re not gonna put me or Jessie up?
April: "What?"
Michelle: "You're not gonna put me or Jessie up?"
April: "No!!"
Michelle: "Not even with the power of veto?"
April: "Of course not!"
Michelle: "Promise me. You swear?"
April: "I swear!"
*Michelle drops.*

Meanwhile, Jessie and Memphis are outside and if there's one thing that was clear, it was that Memphis knows he's going to be nominated today.

Michelle went outside to lay out to catch some sun and she called Jessie over to lay beside her.

She told him that he's going up but only as a pawn. Jessie gets upset but keeps his cool and says "That's bullshit!" Michelle tells him to NOT stir shit up or make a scene and to just lay low this week, otherwise April could target him.

As of right now (8pm EST), the HG's are all just chilling out doing different things. Nothing major to report.

Stay tuned...