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Thursday, July 31, 2008

HOH Endruance Comp:

Alright guys & dolls, I'll be posting updates from the live feeds, so keep refreshing this post! :-D

Okay, we have our first person out...


The HG's are holding on... 9:22PM EST, Libra jumps down on purpose:

Libra: (whispers to April) "Come on, April!"

Jerry says he feels bad he couldn't stay, his arm locked up on him.
Libra just looked at April and whispered "Good job!"

Dan is having fun up there by sayin off the wall stuff (lol), Libra is still silently cheering April on but telling ALL of them how good of a job they're doing.

At 9:35pm EST, DAN IS OUT!!!!!!!

Ollie is out (on purose):

Keesha, Ollie, Jerry and Libra are whispering that Jessie & Memphis have their arms wrapped around the pole and you're not allowed to do that..and that it's "not fair."

Jessie is out!!!!

Memphis is out!!! He dropped on purpose.

(They're dropping faster than I can keep up with, so bear with me!)

Nobody else has dropped yet! :-D

It's Michelle, April, and Renny.

I'm starting a NEW POST now (there's too many pics in this one.) ;-)

Stay tuned...