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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Endurance Comp: Part 2

I will be posting live updates from the feeds in this post for the rest of the night, so keep refreshing!! :-D

It's still just Michelle, Renny and April.

There's no bad blood between any of them..they're getting along just fine.

Dan is on the ground giving some great prep speeches to each girl and the rest of the HG's are pulling for all of them & telling them each how great of a job they're doing.

All of them are very impressed with Renny and how long she has held on thus far!! :-D

Michelle said she wants some Southern Comfort when she gets down. lol

Everyone is really quiet. Michelle finally said a sentence to break the silence.

Renny just did a series of stretches and she's looking good!!

I can't tell if it's April or Michelle, but someone has really shaky breathing and has for a while now. (I think it's Michelle).

RENNY IS OUT! (I was switching between camera's so I missed how she fell).

Update @ 10:51pm EST:

Everyone is still very quiet!

Update @ 10:59pm EST:
April & Michelle are still holding on...

Update @ 11:11pm EST:

Michelle "My hands are falling off over here.."
April: "I can't even feel mine."
Michelle "Me either."

Update @ 11:14pm EST:
April just told Dan that she's ready for her personal pep talk now. (She's getting weaker.) Dan is giving her a great pep talk!! (Imagine a funny coach giving April a pep talk...that's what Dan sounds like. lol)

Update @ 11:18pm EST:
Michelle just said that she "can't hold on for very much longer" and she's making a deal with April to NOT put up Michelle. Michelle is thinking about the deal. Michelle said she NEEDS to see HOH pics of her family and April said "me too!!"

Now they both said that they have a "long time" still left in them. (Either it's going to be a short night or a very long night!!)

Update @ 11:24pm EST:
Michelle is crying. April whispered to her "Aw, stop crying!" (she feels sad for Michelle crying.)

April: "Good job, Michelle!"

Now April is offering a deal (couldn't hear it very well, very soft whispering) but I think it was about keeping Jessie safe this week and they're trying to keep their convo hush-hush because her alliance is staring at her.

Michelle just asked April if she falls, for saftey for her AND Jessie this week..including the POV and April said "I promise!"

April wanted the same deal (with her and Ollie) and Michelle said okay. Somebody is gonna drop soon...

Update @ 11:38pm EST:
Both girls are still hanging on. There's no talking between any of the other HG's, and just little "Are you okay?" comments from April & Michelle once in a while.

Stay tuned...