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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Evening in the BB house:

Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't here for a few hours, had some unexpected company drop by, but by the looks of it, I didn't miss anything except the feeds going into standby mode as they filmed for the Craig Ferguson show.

The HG's seem tired yet happy all day today. I know they are ALL waiting for tomorrow and perhaps they're all just trying to enjoy the last moments of them all being civil. Kinda like "We'll be friends until Thursday, but then it's GAME ON and the gloves come off!!"

I can not wait until tomorrow, I can't even begin to tell ya'll!!!!!! :-D Less than 24 hours until that house is flipped upside down!!

Updated @ 7:10pm BBT:
The HG's have been on lockdown for a while now but that just ended moments ago, so we'll see if that sparks a little life into all of them or not.

Updated @ 8:13pm BBT:
The HG's are just having random non-game related talk. *sigh* It's been like 3 straight days of this shit. Come on Thursday, get here already so the feeds get interesting again!!!!!!! Sheesshh.

Stay tuned...