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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

At 10:07am BBT, the feeds came back after Big Brother woke them all up. Everyone is being accounted for, except the two love birds April & Ollie (sleeping or sexing? I don't know, there's no camera on them yet.)

Dan, Memphis, Keesha, and Renny are all in great moods today & they're having coffee and waking up together in the kitchen. :)

(Speaking of coffee, my supply is seriously low. Anybody wanna bring me a Cup o' Joe? lol)

Okay, I now have visual confirmation that April & Ollie aren't bumping. April is caking on her makeup:

April goes downstairs and Dan asks April if he can use the HOH bathroom. For those of you who don't know yet, Dan can't use the downstairs "public" bathroom, so he's always asking to use the HOH room every day, several times a day. Weird. lol

Renny was sitting at the breakfast bar and Keesha sat next to her and they gave each other a kiss on the cheek (it was super cute!)

Libra was laying in the hammock when April approached her.

April flat out asked Libra if the "rumor" of the new alliance was true (Keesha/Libra/Renny/Memphis..remember, April still thinks Dan is on her side.) Libra denies it and says she's with April (totally lying, of course. :) ) and April said she just wanted to see where her head was at. Libra then talks about how Ollie is acting like this is his HOH and April laughed, I think she kinda agrees with Libra's statement.

Libra then goes inside to change clothes (they're gonna be doing HOH pics soon and she's getting ready for the pics) and she tells Keesha everything they talked about and basically told Keesha that April can kiss her ass, she's voting the way she wants to vote..which is to vote out Jessie tomorrow.

***Thank you, heatherlandry2, for making a donation this morning! My coffee supply will now be restocked! :-D

Updated @ 12:41pm BBT:
Nothing worth reporting has been happening for the past 45 mins. I'll do an afternoon report as soon as the HG's give me something to report! :-D

Stay tuned...