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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning!! How are ya'll doing today?? Good I hope. :)

OKay, let me gather up the Overnight Report and I'll post it right here, so keep checking back!!

Last night, Michelle had Speech Class with Dan. He's teaching her how to properly pronounce words (especially those that has the letter "r" in them).

Dan: "Car."
Michelle: "Caaah."
Dan: "Car!"
Michelle: "Cahh!"
Dan: "Carrrr!"
Michelle: "Caahh Rrrr"
Dan: "CAR!!
Michelle: "CARRRRRR!"


The HG's celebrated Libra's birthday right at midnight BBT. They all sang her Happy Birthday.

In game talk news, April bashed Libra pretty hard last night to Ollie and it went on for well over an hour. She kept calling her names like "bitch" and etc. She said she's done being nice to her face, she can't stand it anymore. They are well aware of the new alliance that was just formed, but they still think they have the numbers (they think they have Dan). With that being said, April expressed her concern about trusting Dan and she's not sure if she should trust him or not.

Ironically, Renny/Libra/Keesha were talking about the same thing. Keesha is confident in Dan's vote, but Renny & Libra can't fully trust Dan. Renny always says that Dan has "shifty eyes" and that in general, he's "shifty". Keesha tried her best to calm their fears and kept telling them that Dan's on their side and to not worry about it.

In sex related news, Ollie & April had another round of sex last night. I believe that is the 7th or 8th time (that I know about). They said that they're gonna have morning sex this morning (so if you have the live feeds, and you wanna watch, spark'em up!)

Alright, that's about it for the Overnight Report. Nothing major happened just yet, that will be Thursday! ;-) hehe

I'll be posting an update on the HG's (who just now, at 10am BBT woke up), so keep checking back! :-D

Stay tuned...