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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Live Show:

I'm here & ready to go!! :-D How about you guys??

Okay, first off..the CHAT ROOM IS OPEN!! Feel free to talk to other BB10 fans during & after the live show! ;-)

And the time has COME!!!!! :-D Let's get this show on the road!!

If you don't have the live feeds, get them here!!

**NOTE: I took the countdown off for now because, unless you're in the Central timezone, it says the wrong time. Needless to say, it's not timezone friendly. lol I'll have to find a new one.

*Show Begins*

"Hi, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother 10!"

Julie is talking about Dan being America's Player and how his personal vote doesn't matter this week.

[Flashback to the POV Ceremony]

Jessie: "I know I'm not going anywhere."

Memphis: "There is no more alliance anymore, time to start from square 1 again."

April says she wants Memphis out.
Libra & Keesha talk about getting Jessie out this week. Keesha's plan to keep Memphis starts to form. Keesha approaches Dan, the group gathers, etc etc. (I covered all of this in full detail 2 days ago.)

Jerry talks to Dan and bashes the other alliance and tells Dan that they will turn on him, and Jerry (thinks he) gets vote. Jerry goes and finds Jessie and tells him he's "okay" this week.

Now they're showing Dan talking to America while on the hammock. He weighs out his options.


..and we're back.

They're showing Dan's team that he coach's back home and getting their reactions to him hugging Jessie for more than 10 seconds. LOL Now they're showing his sister and mother. His mom feels that he made a bad decision by accepting to be America's Player. His sister thinks he'll do just fine regardless of being the A.P.

Julie is talking to the HG's live right now.

"Michelle, have you embraced your unitard?" and she said yes and that she looks good in it. lol Julie asks how this week is going for her (with Jessie being on the block) and she said (basically) the same as last week.

Julie jokes to Keesha about the "pathetic" Happy Birthday song ever. LOL!!!

To Libra: "You've gone over a month without hearing from your family. In the POV comp, why did you pick the trip over the letter?" Libra says her kids are in great hands and her hubby would want the trip. Michelle looks disgusted at Libra and sticks her tongue out.

Julie: "America, who did you pick to go home? And will they? Find out next!"


..and we're back!!

Julie talks with April who is in the HOH room. Julie asks her where Keesha/Libra stand with her, and April said that she thinks they're still in somewhat of an alliance (and now April is just babbling on & on.) Memphis never asked April to save him and she thinks he doesn't wanna be in the house. (Little does she know that's not true at all.)

Time for the Votes:

Jessie: "Your decision to keep me or not. I wanna stay here."
Memphis: "Vote for yourself! If I can't be an asset to you, then vote me out." (gives a speech similar to Angie's.)

Michelle votes to evict...Memphis
Ollie votes to evict...Memphis
Jerry votes to evict...Memphis
Libra votes to evict...Jessie
Keesha votes to evict...Jessie
Renny votes to evict...Jessie
Dan votes to evict...Jessie (AMERICA'S PLAYER)

Evicted from the BB10 is:


Jessie looks at Dan and says "Your word. Your word."

Michelle is PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody said a single word to anybody, it was silence for 2 minutes. High tension in the house for sure! Jessie said that he wasn't surprised. April had a look like "Oh, shit. Now what." about a minute after Jessie was evicted.

Next up, the HOH Comp!!! :-D

They're playing all Wake-Up calls from early this morning! LOL

The HOH Comp is a Q & A comp (booooo!!!!!)

The Comp is based on the wakeup calls.

Renny & Ollie are eliminated!
Everybody but Libra & Michelle is ELMINATED!!!!!

The New HOH is:


Michelle is PISSEDDDD!!!!!!!! She yelled "THIS IS FOR YOU JESSIE!! I'm gonna get'em back, don't you worry!"

Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!
Get the Live Feeds!!!!!

The feeds are gonna be on FIRE tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Michelle: "GAME ON!!!" (oh shit! lol)


1 Houseguest from each season will return to play in a "special comp" this week!

*End of Show* :-D

Stay tuned...