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Thursday, August 7, 2008

After the Show:

At 9:05pm EST, the live feeds just came back!!

Let me listen on the convos and chaos, get some screencaps, and I'll post them right here!! :-D

Holy shit!! Renny & Michelle were going OFF on each other!!!! The camera men didn't show anything because they were focusing on Memphis talking to Dan, but they were SCREAMNINNG!!!

Jerry is screaming, too! He's clapping and telling them that they're going home and Michelle called Libra a bitch and Michelle is SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keesha tells Jerry to grow up.

Libra is screaming right back! lol Ollie says "Congrats, guys!" (in a smart-ass voice)

OMG, everybody is yelling at everybody! It's COMPLETE CHAOS!!!!

It's too much to take in all at once but I'm trying to keep up:

Michelle/Ollie/Jerry/Michelle/April were all talking about Dan being a rat and that he gave his word and broke it, etc etc. I'm shocked at the way that whole alliance is a couple of immature kids. April's facial expression says it all:

Can anyone else verify that Jerry called Libra the "n" word?? I thought I heard it, and then a BB10 blog fan said he did, but I don't want to post that he said it without being 120% positive about it first.

April is crying...

..Ollie is saying that he will hold is grudge forever (Oh gawwdd..get over it Ollie, it's a game! Geez. lol)

Keesha/Libra/Renny/Memphis are all talking and I must say, they're acting very mature despite the words thrown at them. They're pretty calm for the most part and talking normally.

Apparantly Jerry said something highly inappropiate about Dan and his cross (referring to his religon) but I didn't hear it and Renny & Libra refuse to repeat it because it was too brutal.

If one thing is clear, it's the night/day between the alliances' attitudes. One is calm, the other is chaotic.

Dan & Memphis are talking about staying calm and not blowing up like "they" are.

Memphis: "We're just gonna sit back and there's gonna be a fuckin' shit-storm [in here]."

Libra is positive that she will be nominated and probably will go home. She then kicks the idea of her possibly being backdoored by Michelle to Keesha .

Keesha & Renny go get a cup of coffee and sit at the dinner table.

Renny says hi to Ollie and he doesn't say anything back:

Renny & Keesha go to the Diary Room together in hopes of being able to chill there for a while so that the other alliance can calm down.

Memphis warns Michelle that the only reason why April/Ollie/Jerry are up her ass is so that they're safe this week and to open up her eyes.

Michelle say "I know, I know!" but then runs to April & Ollie and says "Oh my god, Libra just said congratulations!" and they all laugh and say "oh my god!"

Renny: "That's funny that they (the other alliance) can play this game like snakes, but we can't."

Stay tuned...