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Friday, August 8, 2008

Overnight Report

Gooood Morning!!! :-D Sorry for the delay, had some phone calls that I had to tend to.

Alright, I'm going to pick up where I left off last night (which was the whole house fighting, except Memphis & Dan.)

Since so much happened last night, and there were so many different conversations, I'm going to be doing a cliffnotes version of the overnight report. And as we all know, everything changes after the Nominations Ceremony anyways. But here is what happened and where all the HG's heads are at:

Ollie called Libra a "ho" and Libra told him "I'm not a ho, honey."

April is trying to, once again, manipulate the current HOH and kiss ass to Michelle while Ollie sits beside her and says "Mm hmm." every time April speaks.

Keesha has had it with April and she's about to speak her mind at every given second. (That fight will happen soon! lol). She said that April is up in the HOH doing a bunch of "this"...


Michelle wants to hear everybody's opinion before deciding who to nominate today.

Libra knows she will be nominated and she's having a positive attitude about it:
Libra: "Whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen." (talking about being nom'ed)

Dan was in bed for hours and avoiding drama. (smart move!)

Michelle really thinks that Dan is/was America's Player & was telling Ollie/April about it.

Either Michelle or April threw Libra's cake away (Libra doesn't care though). They all say it was childish. Jerry called Libra a bitch, Memphis said he would have hit him out of natural reaction.

Renny wants to read the rule book cuz its gonna get ugly in the house and she wants to know her limitations (violence section lol)

Memphis talked to Michelle and tried to tell her to put up any 2 of Jerry/Ollie/April:

Keesha says that if she's going home, she's gonna make some "peoples lives" in the house a living hell. Renny laughed in approval. lol

In other news, Michelle got her HOH last night:

And at midnight, Michelle was allowed to get out of her unitard:

Michelle got wine last night and shared some with April. The result? A bashfest about Libra:

Memphis was in & out of the HOH room last night trying to hear what April/Jerry/Ollie were saying and reporting it back to the girls (Keesha/Libra/Renny).

And this concludes your overnight report! :-D

I believe Michelle is thinking about nom'ing Libra & POSSIBLY April (at least that is what she told Memphis), but we'll see what happens because Michelle is always running back to April/Ollie and telling them everything.

Speaking of Nominations, they should start tonight around 6pm BBT (9pm EST).

Stay tuned...