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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Overnight Report

Goood morning, BB10 blog fans! :-D Hopefully you have your coffee brewing or in your favorite mug and ready to read the Overnight Report!!

I spent a good part of the night on here blogging, so if you haven't read all of that yet, go ahead and get caught up.

Alright, now for the Overnight'er:

Keesha & Dan were sitting out in the backyard on the couch talking about how anybody BUT April needs to win the POV today.

If Libra doesn't win it, Keesha will be safe this week. But if Libra wins it, then the game could change. They start talking about how it'd be possible to backdoor April if Libra won the POV but Keesha is doubtful Michelle would do that.

Ollie & April made their way up to the HOH room to "talk" to Michelle:

They all did some bashing on the other alliance and Michelle was saying that Libra is main target this week.

Memphis & Dan were outside and they were being called in, one by one, to the Diary Room and production asked them both the same question: "Are you having fun?"

Memphis: "Hell no I'm not having fun!! *laughs* If this is considered fun, then kill me now."

Meanwhile back upstairs in the HOH room, Ollie & April are still talking to Michelle. This time, they change subjects and talk about the POV.

April said that she hopes Ollie, herself, and Jerry get picked to play. Michelle said that'd be nice but highly unlikely. Michelle then says she will dump out all names in the POV bag before she picks names, just to make sure that all the names are in there. Memphis has threatened to do that in the past as well (when he was on the block). They all seem to think that BB might be rigging the POV Comps by putting only certain peoples names in the bag.

They continued to talk more about the POV and about how BB isn't building anything in the backyard so it might be an easy comp. Ideas for today's POV Comp start to fly out of their mouths. Michelle hopes it's a Hide-The-POV challenge.

Again they change subjects and this time, it's about how much they all don't like Jerry and April went as far to as to call him "creepy". (I believe it's official now that nobody in the house likes Jerry.)

Memphis/Dan/Renny (Keesha was in the Diary Room) were sitting outside on the couch again and talking about how the house is a crazy house.

Renny goes on to say she's bored and should have signed up for survivor. Dan tells her that she'd never make it.

Dan: "You'd never make it on that show, Renny."
Renny: "Don't tell me what I can or can not do!!"
*Memphis laughs*
Dan: "You'd miss your red lipstick too much!"
Renny: "Oh, you're not allowed makeup??"
Dan: "No!"
Memphis: "Makeup?? Shit, they can't even take SHOWERS!!"
Renny: "Oh, well, to hell with that shit!"


Their talk turns into CPR (somehow lol) and Memphis & Dan both tell Renny they are trained in CPR. Renny tells them to practice on her and show her how to do it:

Memphis tells Renny how they just changed the way CPR is done (no more mouth-to-mouth, just chest compressions) and explains that a person that is doing CPR is will break the breast bone during chest compressions.

Renny: "Memphis is gonna kill somebody as he trying to save them!!!"

The boys laugh and their talk of various topics continues.

Ollie & April were playing pool outside as everybody else sat on the couch talking, and...well...I'll let them tell you about their convo:

Ollie: "I'm not wearing any underwear tonight, can you tell?
April: "Yes, and it's mean."
Ollie: "Mean? How..what do you mean? Disrespectful?? I didn't mean to be!"
April: "No! You're being mean. To me!"
Ollie: "....I don't understand what you're trying to say.."
April: "You turn me on when you don't wear any underwear."
Ollie: "OHH!!!!! Okay, okay. Well, you do the same thing to me with those skimpy dresses of yours."

...and that was about all of the convo I could handle before I switched to another camera in the house. lol :-P

Alright guys & dolls, that concludes your Overnight Report!! :-D

Today is the POV Comp and that should take place in the early afternoon (BBT). I'll be gone for most of today (part business/part pleasure). But I'll be anxious to get back home to see who won the POV Comp, that's for sure!! :-D So feel free to either take the day off as well and enjoy what's left of your summer, or go right ahead and finally get your 2 week free trial of the live feeds.

Either way, I'll see ya'll tonight!! :-D

Stay tuned...