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Friday, August 8, 2008

Evening in the BB house: (pics)

At 8:17pm BBT, Michelle goes back up to her HOH room (alone) and talks to the camera.

Michelle: "Hey! Hey, come here! Jessie..*wink wink*..that was for you, baby. Woo! I hope it makes you a little happy! If there were more seats, I'd put them all up there. One by one! One by one."

[Camera cuts to Renny & Libra talking in the Spa Room]

Libra: "I know you talked to Michelle, and I know she told you that I'm the target [this week]. And it's okay." (Libra has said this about a million times today already.)

Renny: (getting irritated) "Why do you keep saying this, Libra??"

Libra: "I know I'm her target! I know I'm her fucking target! I wanted Jessie out and I told her (Michelle) I was comin' after her. I don't wanna go up there and talk to her, I already know that I'm her target."

Renny then says "I thought you were a fighter!" and Libra says she's gonna bust her ass during the POV comp tomorrow but that she's not gonna compete against Keesha and "throw her under the bus".

[Camera switches to 'The Idiots' in the backyard: Ollie/April/Jerry]

The conversation that they're having, they've had for the past 2 weeks. "We gotta win and get 'them' out!" and then they pump up each others' egos and laugh and crack jokes. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Ollie & April are talking, and Jerry keeps interrupting about a Harley Davidson he wants. It's like they're having conversations with themselves, only pausing in between convos to bash the other alliance.

I can't take them anymore, I'm switching cameras. lol

Up in the HOH, Michelle & Dan are talking again. Michelle is repeating (almost word-for-word) their convo they had about an hour ago.

Now Michelle is now talking about why she didn't put up April & Ollie.

Dan: "Are you worried about Aprils control over Ollie & Jerry?"

Michelle: "Ya! And the reason why they weren't nominated is because I have no issues with Ollie and I don't any reason to put him up & he's never done anything bad to me." (she never gave a reason for Apirl. Interesting.)

Michelle tells Dan to grab Keesha and bring her up to the HOH room (finally). Dan & Michelle plan to talk again later. Dan thanks Michelle and she thanks him right back, and Dan leaves to secretly get Keesha.

Keesha enters the HOH room.

Michelle: "Keep this to yourself, and I'm gonna be honest with you, ok?"
Keesha: "Okay."

Michelle: "You're the only person that I could put up that I know for a fact would have Libra go home."

Michelle then starts to talk about the numbers and that it was all strategic to put Keesha up (as a pawn).

Michelle: (talking about Libra) "I want her gone, and I want you (Keesha) to be free of her. Be free her telling you lies and I hope you stay here, because I want you to play the game without her."

Keesha has no hard feelings and their convo turns positive. I can easily see Keesha & Michelle joining up in an alliance at some point. They have a mutual respect for each other and they are both being totally open & honest with each other.

Stay tuned...