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Friday, August 8, 2008

Nomination Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

The feeds just came back and the Nomination Ceremony has been held!!!

Nominated for Eviction:

Libra & Keesha

Dan & Michelle are alone up in the HOH talking:

Michelle: "..and I was called a Two-Headed monster..and as you see, I'm no longer two, I'm one. So basically I'm on my own here and I don't want anyone to give me their word..I want people to really, REALLY, vote on they think is best for themselves."

Dan: "Ok."

Michelle: "I pretty much..I think I know what everyone is gonna do."

Dan: "Mm Hm."

Michelle: "So I don't want anybody's word or swear on this/swear on that. That's not what I'm tryin' to do."

Dan: "Right. right."

Keesha: "I don't think they're gonna vote Libra out, I think they're gonna vote me out because she (Libra) is too obvious of a target and they tend to go after the person that is a little bit stronger. And I think they'll try to vote me out."

Renny: "I need to get to Michelle. I need to get up there (HOH room)."

Dan enters.

Keesha starts to cry at the thought of going home.

Dan tells her that only one of them might go home and that everyone (except Ollie, April & Jerry) will vote to get rid of Libra over Keesha.

Renny finally gets her chance to "get in Michelle's ear".

Renny bashes Libra a little bit and talks nice about Keesha. Michelle said that Libra has "dug a little hole for herself." (Sounds like Libra is the target this week). Michelle says that she wants to talk to Keesha to calm her fears a bit and to tell her that she didn't put her up as a pawn (and hints around that she did it for April/Ollie/Jerry). Michelle says that she didn't put up Dan because she was afraid he'd go home. Michelle tells Renny to bring up Keesha.

Renny goes downstairs and runs into Keesha. Keesha says "I think April is looking for you." Renny is having a hard time getting a minute away from "the others" to tell her to talk to Michelle.

Stay tuned...