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Friday, August 8, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House:

Dan & Memphis are playing pool and talking about the former BB housesguests.

Memphis: "I can't believe Brian was the host, dude." (laughs)

Dan is talking about his sister & Brian (either to hook up as friends or..?)

Keesha joins the boys and they start talking about how Jessie thinks/thought he would get on the cover of Fitness Magazine.

Memphis: "Ya right. It'd be like me getting out of here and getting on the cover of GQ Magazine." (laughs)

Memphis is now talking about how he's still waiting for the twist of the season.

Michelle/Ollie/April/Jerry are talking on the couch outside about how Dan is "totally America's Player!"

Michelle said that Janelle said Jessie was ugly. lol

(Had enough of Michelle & the idiots, back to the other alliance chilling poolside. lol)

Memphis/Renny/Dan/Keesha (who left a little bit ago..Diary room?)

They're now talking about Brett Favre (ex-Quaterback for the Green Bay Packers) and how he just retired and is now back in the NFL playing for the New York Jetts:

Memphis: "Freakin' Brett Favre..he shouldn't have come back. He's old!"

Dan says they should have made his locker into a shrine.

Memphis says that he doesn't think Janelle is that pretty, and that she has "a big nose".

Libra leaves to go fix her hair for noms tonight & Renny starts talking about Libra to Dan:

Renny: "Gawd, she's getting on my nerves. If she says [she's going on the block] one more time.."

Dan is worried that his family, work, and students might have lost respect for him:

Renny asked him why he would think they've lost respect for him, and he said "I don't know." Renny tells him to stop being so down-in-the-dumps and cheer up.

Stay tuned...