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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Overnight Report: Keesha & April fight

Last night, there was finally some good action on the live feeds! Keesha has been brewing up her anger for a little bit at this point because April kept talking shit behind Keesha's back saying that she has flipped on voting out Brian. Seems like the Girls Alliance is coming undone already. Either way, Keesha threw water on April (but claims that it was an accident and she was just trying to throw it on the grass, and then later says she was so sick of hearing April talk who knows.)

It doesn't seem that anyone has captured the actual incident happening because the live feeds weren't focused on them at that point. But here's what happened immediately following the water being thrown towards April (but hit Michelle):

The aftermath: Brian confronts Jerry and tells him (he thinks) he has 1/2 of the house votes to stay and that Jerry might be the sway vote. I highly doubt that Jerry would vote to keep Brian in the game.

After a while, Keesha calmed down and explained everything to Angie, and Angie comments that she's sick of the drama and Libra (in so many words):

It looks like at this point that Brian will be the one going home with 6 votes to be evicted, but as we all know, that change in a heartbeat.

Okay, so the HG's all calmed down and become a big happy family later on that night. :) They decided to cure their bordem with Potato Sack Races (with garbage bags) and then a 3-legged race. Looked like fun! lol

Michelle hurt her foot during the first race and Jerry came to her rescue with some First Aid..and a kiss on the cheek! ;-)

Well, since today is Live Eviction Day, the HG's had to do their goodbye messages in the DR last night. Here's a clip of Brian, Steven, Angie, and Dan. Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Brian has been in the same exact spot on the backyard couch for days and smoking cigerette after cigerette? I hope BB told him that he can move around the house. lol ;-) I'll be glad if he goes home tonight, he's rather boring to watch on the feeds and his 'better than ya'll' attitude is tired and old.

And lastly, we finish the overnight report with a clip of Ollie & April. Ollie tries to talk a little sense into her (in a sweet way) and just wants to make sure that she stays in control of herself so she doesn't get evicted. April was saying earlier that she is/was afraid that BB would kick her out for saying 'Bring it on!' to Keesha during the whole water fight incident. Ollie tells April that if anyone disrespects her, to let him know:

Okay, so there ya have it!! I'm gonna get some breakfast and coffee, I feel like I'm stuck in 2nd gear this morning. lol *yawn*

Stay tuned...