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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BB10 Blog is now MOBILE!!!!

Hey guys & gals!! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that the BB10 Blog is now mobile!!!

Subscribe to Big Brother 10 Blog...because you're addicted. on your cell phone

So whenever you can't be on the computer, you can get updates on your phone (great for those of you with iPhones!) It's totally free (yayy!!!) so go ahead and sign up...because you're addicted! ;-)

Also, I'm thinking of a better way to use the Chat Room here on the blog. I'm thinking that maybe I'll just set up times that the chat room will be open and then I'll post them, that way everyone can join in the chat at the same time (instead of going into an empty chat room..I hate that!)

And one more announcement:
I'm going to be offline tomorrow from 12pm EST-6pm EST because I have a prior engagement I have to tend to. :( I'll post a reminder tomorrow morning as well. :) I'll do the overnight report and maybe post a video or two of the live feeds before I have to leave, but I will be back in plenty of time for the FIRST EVICTION OF BB10!!! Who's it gonna be: Renny or Brian? My bet is on Brian. lol ;-)

So, what did ya'll think of tonights show?? I think they did an EXCELLENT job at clearing up a ton of things up, such as Brian's many alliances and how they were exposed. Great show tonight, in my opinion!

What's your opinion? Leave it below in the comment section! :-D

I'm going to spark up the live feeds and see what the HG's are doing, but in the meantime, share your thoughts & feelings below!

Stay tuned...