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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Episode #2: First POV Comp!!

Okay, so I'm watching the show on CBS right now, and I'll blog about it for those of you stuck at a computer with no tv. :)

They showed that right after the nomination ceremony, Renny went up to Jessie and said "Dude, what are we gonna do?" (in a lighthearted manner) and Jessie wasn't happy because she's the reason they are both on the block.

Renny didn't think it was that big a of "fight" and told Jerry the same thing (that it wasn't a big deal). Jerry just said that it was their problem to work out now (basically). Renny said that Jessie is acting like a baby and asked him what that was about. Jessie walked away saying he already told her (the other night) what his problem was. As he walked away, Renny made comments about how he needs to grow up. Jessie told her it took 1 1/2 days to applogize, but CBS just flash backed to their original convo where Renny apologized 2 seconds after he complained. This whole thing turned into a verbal fight in the HOH room when Jerry was giving the HG's a glass of wine. Renny called him a liar & a punk and walked out.

Now they're showing Brian talking too Ollie and Michelle about how to get out Jessie and that Renny will self-destruct. It's obvious that Brian is getting very cocky and Angie caught on to him and was intimitated by him for playing the game so good.

Now they're showing Brian talking to Steven, and now Memphis. Memphis saying he doesn't mind ever going up on the block. Brian offers him "2 or 3 weeks" in return for a favor at ANY point during those 2-3 weeks. Memphis didn't buy it and Brian knew it.

**NOTE: This is basically CBS showing his "5 alliances" that the HG's found out.

Now Brian is talking to Dan and Ollie about how they 3 are in control of the game.


Alright, we're back.

Watching the birth of the April/Ollie showmance.

Jerry: "It's time to pick players (6 players) for the Veto Comp! First is the HOH, then the two nominees."

The players are:
Jerry, Jessie, Renny, Michelle, April, and Memphis. Angie is the host.

The POV comp is a stuffed bears & honey comp. They have to crawl through honey, under a bridge (and they're having a HARD TIME!! lol), then rip open pillows to find little stuffed bears on a HUGE bed. Renny was moving VERY slow during the comp because the honey was so hard to crawl through. Memphis said that the honey felt like 70-80 pds of honey was on him. (Wow!!) Renny looks like a chicken LOL She's COVERED in honey and feathers, and then a feather pillow was stuck to her ass and it looked like a tailfeather. :-P

The POV comp was VERY close game!! Three of them were tied for 1st place at the same time.

The POV Winner is:


(Wow, all BB blogs thought that Jerry had won it!! I'm surprised it was Jessie.)


Brian goes up the HOH room and is being SUPER cocky! He thinks he knows how to play the game, how to play Jerry to do what he wants him to do, and he's telling everyone what to do. Libra, April, and Keesha caught on to Brian's tactics!!

Angie, Keesha, and Michelle were in the sauna talking about Brian being in total control, and that he will pick the girls off one by one after getting Memphis & Jessie (the 2 biggest boy threats) out of the house. Angie agreed. April thinks Ollie would have told her if he was in an alliance with Brian because of their showmance. April is pissed at Ollie for not being told about his alliance with Brian and Dan and she confronts him about it. Ollie said he's not against April and Libra. So Ollie pulls Libra and April aside in a room and tells them the truth..that the 3 boys have been in alliance since Day 1. Ollie tells the girls to "flip it" back on Brian.


Ollie, Libra, Angie, Michelle, Memphis, Jessie, April, and Keesha plan to talk to Jerry. They all get him up to the HOH room where they're waiting, and they're calling him out on his alliance with Brian. The crew tells Jerry that he has to put up Brian and they expose all of his alliances to Jerry, and tell Jerry they know about their alliance (Jerry & Brian) as well. Jerry is resisting at first, they offer Jerry safety for next week if he puts up Brian. Jerry said he doesn't trust anybody and doesn't believe them.


It's time for Jessie to use the POV to take himself off the block. He looks at the memory wall, grabs the POV necklace, and they show everyone being nervous.

Jessie: "Time for the veto ceremony!"

He takes himself off the block, and now it's time for Jerry to nominate another HG for eviction. Jerry says it's a difficult thing to do for himself personally. Jerry outs Brian for all of his alliances. Brian looks like he's about to have a heart attack. Dan is surprised!

Jerry: "Brian, I nominate you for eviction."

Brian said he still has more tricks up his sleeve, but that "the player (him) got played."

Annnouncer: "Who will be evicted? And who will become the new HOH? Find out tomorrow!"

End of Show

Stay tuned...