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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Nothing big has happened yet."

Steven said it best. Nothing big has happened yet (as far as drama or fights). He was talking about the next HOH coming up and that it's going to be hard to pick who will be put up on the block. And I think he's right about that.

With that being said, nothing "big has happened" today, either. I think the HG's have moments where they forget they are there to play a game, and not socialize and do chores and lay out in the sun all day. I hope that either BB does something to spark a little fire under their asses, or that tomorrow's eviction will make it a reality that, hey guess what, you're playing a PLAY IT!!!!

Okay, the CBS show is starting right now, so I'm gonna blog about that in a new post!!! :-D

Stay tuned...