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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House

I turned on the live feeds and right away, Steven made another comment that he probably shouldn't have made. Though I know his intentions aren't bad, he still needs a lesson on what to say and what not to say.

Steven made a reference to a sock puppet that Angie made, Angie was saying that it's Julie Chen, and Steven said "Why, because it has slanted eyes?" *sigh* Oy. :-/

Currently on the live feeds, everybody is moving around between being inside & outside. Right now, Jessie, Michelle, and Memphis are in the kitchen area talking about the pool party they were gonna have isn't going happen now (they didn't say why, but they didn't seem to care either lol).

Libra & Steven are doing some mindless chatter about random stuff in the 60's decor room. (Right now they're talking about Fantasia winning American Idol a few years ago.)

Today has been pretty chill, nothing of major importance has happened just yet and I refuse to report every minute of people farting, going to the bathroom, smoking outside, or things of that nature. lol It's not very exciting to read about. And if you do wanna know about that stuff, then you are a true BB fan like myself and should sign up for the live feeds (remember, you get 14 days totally free, no strings attached!)

But I will, of course, keep ya'll updated with videos worth watching, funny things & game related juicy stuff! :-D So make sure that you....

Stay tuned...