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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Overnight Report (vids)

Gooood morning, Big Brother 10 Blog fans!!!! :-D

Time to get ya'll caught up on what happened last night:

Alright, let's see...okay, we'll start off with Steven & Libra hashing things out. If you remember, Steven was telling everyone that she is "controlling" and it got back to Libra, and they talked it out.

April & Ollie took a few minutes out of the day to talk and flirt, then Keesha walks in and jumps in the chat session:

The HG's were locked down inside and so they decided to kill time by working out:

Then April, Keesha, and April gathered for some good alliance talk:

Brian & Angie & Steven decided to make sock puppets. Was there a purpose to this? Well, according to Dan & Brian later on last night, they did this in order to try to get votes. Hm. Oooo k. :-/

Later on, the HG's were looking at the memory wall and discussing it. I can't help to wonder that the "BB10" Picture in the middle will be used at some point as a twist/surprise. There was speculation before BB10 started the there were 14 spots on the memory, but only 13 houseguests. But now we see that its just a BB10 sign in the middle. Makes ya wonder what BB has up its sleeve this season! ;-)

Angie got upset with Jerry for jokingly calling her psycho during a game they were playing. The whole thing truly got out of hand for a remark that was silly and was taken the wrong way. Angie went so as to say that she was going to pretend he didn't exist, etc etc. Sheesh! It was a comment, a light hearted comment, he apologized, get over it! Maybe the HG's are so bored that they need something to focus on (good or bad). lol

Jerry & Angie talked a little bit later on up in the HOH room and Jerry was, once again, applogizing to Angie. They share a few hugs and all is well in the BB world again. :)

On a completely different note, we learned that Jessie likes thicker black girls! lol He said he once dated a chick from Compton with a 52 inch ass. Wowww!! You go, Jessie! ;-) lol And we also found out that Michelle has a little crush on Jessie, but Jessie likes Angie..however he won't showmance with her because of his "life outside the big brother house" and even talked about having a kid (which is news to me!)

Let's talk about alliances now, shall we? Ok! If you're confused on who's aligned with who, you are NOT alone!!! It seems to be that everyone has alliance with everyone, and then dropping an alliance to get with a new's total alliance chaos!! So as far as I know, here are the alliances (let me know if I'm missing one! lol)

Alright, so, we have the Brian & Ollie alliance (as posted yesterday) but Brian is 1 foot out the door and Ollie even said that he had to "bail" on their alliance so he didn't go down with that ship. I also said yesterday that I think Keesha & Steven are "connected some how" so there's a possible alliance but I'm not 100% sure. And we just learned that April/Keesha/Libra (from the video above) are now in some sort of girls alliance.

Oy, these HG's have my head spinning! lol :-P

Alright boys & girls, that's it for the overnight recap!

More updates on the HG's (when they wake their little asses up) to come, so...

Stay tuned...