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Monday, July 14, 2008

"Good Morning, Houseguests!" (pics)

Okay, I've been watching the live feeds for a few hours now and it's all still very confusing on what's going on, so please bear with me as I get my bearings. The HG's have been inside the BB house for 7 days (today is the 7th day) but we've only seen 1 CBS episode and have only had about 12 hours of audioable feeds action (in which the HG's slept for about 8 of those hours). So I'm still at that "whats going on?" stage of the game.

What I got so far was the everyone is just sharing stories and such (about an hour of dog ownership convos) and random chatter. Libra just got in the shower at 11:10am BBT and before she got in, she was complaining about one of the guys who has "like 5 alliances! Or at least, had." She was telling this to Michelle & Memphis (Renny & Angie were also floating around in & out of the bathroom during this time). I'll keep my eyes open & ears perked to get more info on that situation.

Alright, it's SCREENSHOT TIME!! Here's a look at this morning in the Big Brother house, enjoy!

Tons more posts, and VIDEOS, coming up shortly!!

Stay tuned...