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Monday, July 14, 2008

Update on the houseguests: (video added)

The BB house has been buzzing non-freaking-stop today!!! It's so hard to watch the live feeds, take videos & upload them, take screenshots, take notes of what's happening on the live feeds as I'm recording videos, AND updating the blog!! My fingers are working to the bone today, that's for sure!

Okay, so here's some cliffnotes for you guys:

Everyone wants Brian out of the house.

Brian is prepared/thinking he is going home, but he's gonna try his best to stay and not be a "floater".

It was Brian that Libra was talking about when she said that he had "5 alliances", one of them was with Ollie and Ollie had to bail out of it because otherwise, he would go down in flames with him.

The target was on Memphis before the POV, and Brian & Ollie were talking about how he has to be next, otherwise the Jessie/Memphis alliance will kick ass in the game.

Brian: "Whoever has a TRUE alliance, to the end, will win this game. Memphis is smart and he will use Jessie as the perfect fall guy when he needs to."

Renny is laying low since the whole Jessie/Renny fight. I think she learned to keep her mouth shut and she's doing a good job at it.

Jerry was talking about how he refuses to put his wife into a nursing home, that she is his best friend, and they spend every minute of every day together, and he refuses to give that up. That is why he's preparing in every way possible to take care of her at their home. It was really a tear-jerker to watch and so sweet!! I got teary-eyed myself. :)

Memphis has also seemed to calm down with his cockiness, but is still a big target in the house.

Steven and Keesha have been talking alot in Keesha's room. Some game play, some mindless chit-chat.

Libra, is by far, the most outspoken (in a bad way) houseguest and unless she tones it down, she's going to get herself in trouble and put a target on her back. She's playing the game WAY too agressive and way too fast (in my opinion.) Hopefully she'll learn from Renny & Memphis and start shutting up and only be outspoken at the neccessary times.

Brian said that he thinks that Jerry is just here to look at the "pretty girls" during his morning convo with Ollie. This is during the time that they were talking about how some people are only here for the experience (such as Jerry & Jessie) and some are here just for the money. Personally, I don't think that they could be any further from truth.

Alright, so now you're all caught up!! Let me upload some videos and I'll post them here, and then it's back to the live feeds for me!! :-D

Here is the video of Keesha, Jessie, and Libra doing some game talk:

Stay tuned...