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Monday, July 14, 2008

Overnight Report!! (vids)

Gooood morning, BB lovers!!!! :-D

Okay, so it looks like Jerry DID win the POV and he used it to take Jessie off the block. The renom is Brian and it looks like (as of now) Brian will be going home. But, that can change in a second in the BB house, so we'll see!

And guess what??


It's between Ollie & April! Check out their late night makeout session:

Daammmmn, Ollie!!! ;-) We'll have to see whats going on with them today on the live feeds.

Also, Jerry is an alliance with Ollie & Dan.

Speaking of alliances, it seems that Jessie & Memphis are in their own lil alliance:

And I'm not 100% certain about if they're in alliance or not, but Angie & Michelle seem to be connected in some way:

Now, Jerry DID like Brian but that lasted for a whole 2 hours. lol In my opinion, Jerry shouldn't have asked him to be in an alliance so quickly because this is what happens. Oh, and if you dislike Memphis, you're not alone; so does the whole house. lol :-P And also, Steven did tell the HG's that he's gay and talked about his "coming out". Oh, and Steven doesn't like Libra at all. He was calling her controlling (about everything little thing).

The HG's that were on slop are now off of it, but not before dreaming of the foods they like & miss :

Okay kids, that's about it for the Overnight Report! :-D

We already have friendships, showmance, tension, backstabbing, and every other fine ingredient that makes up what the Big Brother house! ;-) I LOVE IT!!

More to come! (...after I get myself a couple cups of coffee lol)

Stay tuned...