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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More BB10 screenshots!! (pics)-Updated!

Want a couple more screenshots from the live feeds?

You got it!!!!

The houseguests are still in that getting-to-know-everyone phase, light chatter, sharing some laughs, thinking of games to play, etc etc. They are very much still in that "Honeymoon Phase" of BB...and I can't wait to see when that ends and it all comes crumbling down on them! lol ;-)

Okay, so the time is now 1:06am EST and I'm going to bed. I have yet to adjust my sleeping schedule to the BB houseguests' sleeping schedule (should take a few days yet) but I'm recording BB: After Dark on showtime and I'll let BB fix the audio problem on the feeds in the meantime and I'll be back with a full overnight report in the morning. :)

So check back early tomorrow morning to see what has happend overnight and all the juicy gossip!! :-D Until then...

Stay tuned...