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Friday, July 18, 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates!!

Nominations were yesterday and it seems that Jessie is a man of his word:
The nominationed HG's are Steven & Dan (with the target being Steven).

Jessie told Dan that Steven is the target and to chill. So what does Dan do? He starts planning not only on winning HOH next week, but who he wants to put up! Umm, jumping the gun a bit, Dan? ;-) Anyways, Dan said how he would want to put up Libra and he is unsure of who else to put up. He told all of this to Jessie.

Don't ask me if they're in an alliance because I have no clue! There's about 10 alliances: one of them being Keesha, April & Libra, and then another being Angie, Jessie, Michelle, & Memphis...and a couple of sub-alliances from those alliances. Makes my head spin!! The only good thing about this is that these "secret" sub-alliances are going to be known at some point, and then comes the DRAAMMAAA!! ;-)

Oh, and Renny is still paranoid that Jessie will backdoor her, so she's gonna fight like hell for the POV (if she gets picked to play, that is.)


We have the POV comp today!!! :-D

Got anybody in mind that you want to win it? There's not really any HG that is rubbing me the wrong way lately (I know, it's a shocker! lol) so I'm neither here nor there this week with noms and POV. I'm just enjoying watching it all unfold. :)

It seems that HG's are starting to really warm up to Renny! And to be honest, I am too. :) She's so funny on the feeds!! She makes little comments to herself or sometimes even to the cameras, and she is just...FUNNY!!

So that's about the jist of what happened last night and today. I'll update ya'll on the POV players and the winner of the POV as I find out!!! :-D

Stay tuned...