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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Brother 10 has STARTED!!!!

Okay everyone, sorry for the slight delay (I'm running 5 minutes behind schedule). The very 1st episode of Big Brother 10 has STARTED!!! :-D So sit back, watch the show, and leave comments!!

They are showing the houseguests getting their keys & more about each houseguest.

Now the HG's are inside the house, they picked an HOH before they even went inside (but has not been revealed to the public yet), the HG's are introducing themselves to each other and their backgrounds.

Now they're showing the clip of Jerry feeling April up LOL They all just did the champagne toast and Jerry is setting himself very nicely by saying "What a great bunch of kids! Cheers!" He's softening them up with sweetness and defining his age..all within 1 sentence! LOVE IT!!

The first Food & Prize Comp of the Season was held!!!!

The comp is called "Buggin Out"..there's 2 Volkswagen bugs upside down. Jessie is sitting out because 1 person had to sit out and he volunteered himself but when he saw that the prizes are 2 classic cars, he was really bummed. AND they just announced that it's a food comp as well!! Jessie automatically eats food no matter what for sitting out.

The HG's are playing...oh, and is it just me or is Memphis really arrogant/cocky/annoying? LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN COMMENTS BELOW!!!!

Alright, so the "Red Team" won and Memphis got to choose between the 2 cars..he picked the old Camero.

Next up, the reveal of the 1st HOH (which was posted here on the blog last week). Waiting for the commercials to end...

Oh, and remember how there were 14 spots on the houseguest Memory Wall? Well, 1 of those pics is just a BB10 pic. Blahh. No twists or anything..not yet at least. ;-)

Alright, the 1st HOH of BB10 is...


Julie just warned him that he has 24 hours to pick nominations for eviction. Brian & Dan have sorta teamed up together.

Jerry just saw his HOH room and loved it! They showed pics of him when he was just 20 yrs old.

Renny is annoying the houseguests (again, as I posted on the blog last week through a reliable source). She's too over-the-top and the HG's think she's seriously "crazy". lol She has the most annoying laugh and it's pissing off Jessie who was trying to sleep, he told Renny that he was pissed and she appologized and told him to lighten up.

Brian is with Jerry up in the HOH...Jerry asked him to be in an alliance and Brian said okay. Also, Jerry told Brian to make an "X" sign with his arms whenever he wants to talk. In Brian's Diary Room session, he said that he'll use Jerry as much as possible and then dump him when "that ship sinks".

Time for nominations!!!!..after the commercial. ;-)

Nominated for Eviction are:
Renny & Jessie

Jerry's reasoning is because the conflict between Jessie & Renny the night prior, and instead of letting the problem grow worse, Jerry wants them to decide who should truly go.

Jerry: "I am HERE to STAY!"

"Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save any the nominations?"


Stay tuned...